Shattered Glass

Hey friends,

I’m not sure why this is heavy on my heart still. If this my way of still getting over the shock, or has a deeper meaning I haven’t yet figured out or maybe just obsessing bc the hormones are out of control at the moment.

The other day while I was driving to go meet my husband I didn’t make it too far, maybe 10 miles down the road, without having him come get the kids and myself. I was caught off guard in a complete state of terror and shock.

As I was just starting to get close to coming into town, going about 60 mph when on a busy two lane highway out of now where a loud BOOM hit my window. My drivers side window, smacked dab in the middle of it. I’m not sure what but I watched in slow motion ,as if it was all fake, for a split second as my entire window cracked into a million tiny pieces and fell on into me. A dull roaring hollow sound of air came rushing in quickly followed.

In that moment it was the worst more scary than anything as out of reaction gripped my wheel tighter, closed my eyes as tight as I could for a split second, and held tight! Letting a long shrieky scream. Tears came rolling immediately. Not really realizing what was happening or bout to happen. I quickly opened and began slowing down to pull over.

The first thing outta Brantley’s mouth was “Mom, are you okay?!” In response I didnt have time and blurted out “No! I have glass all over me!” By this time I was pulled over and ended up in front of a place called Dewane’s body shop ironically.

I sat there and cried like a baby trying to process what was going on for a sec. Then called Brandon to let him know what just happend. I could barely get anything out to be understandable.

All the while many cars had passed and one at some point informed the owner of the body shop. He had been sitting watching me for a bit, but I had been in so much hysteria I never noticed. He eventually walked up with caution, making his way to my drivers side asking what happend and if we were okay. Still, not making much progress talking through the rolling tears. He helped clean up some of the few pieces left hanging on the window. Then helping me out. I was covered in glass…

I finally began to kind of calm down and pull myself together. Mr. Dewane had disappeared to get a box to help me clean up and cold water. I remember Brantley starting to get upset about my window being all busted out (probably due to how I reacted to everything). I quickly reassured him it was going to be okay, we would have it fixed. Being 25 weeks pregnant through all of this my emotions were completely outta control.

Ended up Mr. Dewane taking over cleaning up all the glass outta my seat and hoping in my truck to drive it in a bay where he got after the rest with a shopvack. I was so blessed to have him there to help. I don’t know whether or not he realized, though I kept thanking him over and over, I really needed the help and support not sure how I would have handled without.

I really wish I could have been more stable and brave for my boys (2 & 5yrs)… that obviously didn’t happen though, pregnancy hormones took over as I freaked out about everything. As I calmed down all I could think about was how lucky we where. How it was my window and not one of my kids, how nothing came through the window, how it wasn’t and accident involving a crashed vehicle or two… all the possibilities flooded my mind. I was so thankful we were all okay! Through all the bad God was right there protecting us. Especially my babies. My truck was fine besides the window… I walked away with a few scratches and glass in my arms, legs and feet, but everyone was okay…

We still have no clue what busted my window like that, but we have some suspicion it could have been a lug nut from someone’s Tire or something from one of the many log trucks I was passing. I was able to get my window fix that day and had my car back by the end of the day, we believe if it had been tinted, it wouldn’t have shattered as bad as it did. Though, I said I wanted bulletproof glass after all this…. lol I don’t believe I’ll be getting that.

God is good, he had his hand on us, and had all the right people there to help when we needed. I’m so Thankful that was it, it was so scary and such a crazy freak accident… just because not everything that happens is good there is still good to be scene in it.

There was so much glass in my floor board and even behind my seat by my sons door, that you can’t even see from this picture.

By this point we had got most of the glass in the box and where bout to vacuum the rest.

Almost a week later I’m still trying to pull out a piece of glass outta my foot, but imma say that was a good day still through it all… we walked away fine. Truly blessed and thankful.

Till next time,



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Blog Update

Hey hey,

It’s been a hot minute since the last post and I just have to say sometimes life throws a couple curve balls at you. Here lately I have been doing some serious thinking about where I’m at in life and where I would like to be. Basically, just trying to figure it all out. They say sometimes you have to loose yourself to find yourself, and I’d say there is a lot of truth in that. So now I’m getting back into things, but this time a little more clearly than before.

Writing posts where pretty therapeutic when I first started, then things began to change as time went on. I feel like everything got to a point where I quite being myself , being the “people pleaser” that I am, ended up trying to please people rather than accomplish what I had set out to achieve. I quickly got off the path that I thought I wanted to be on, becoming distracted and confused. Now here I am just trying to start over.

  • I’m just gonna do my thing, for the fun of it. I’m gonna share more heart to heart posts. More of whats on my mind and whats going on in my life. Truth. Real Life. In the RAW. I feel like most of everything you see on social media and all over the place is almost fake or not all the truth. Nothing is perfect and I feel like that is the beauty in all. You have to learn how to be happy. It’s not always rainbows and butterfly’s and that is okay. That’s life. We all have our ups and downs, and become unhappy…But I’m pretty sure it’s about learning from where you’ve been so you can grow. You can choose to make the most of things and be more positive, that is when things really become interesting.
  • I’m gonna share my makeup posts. Both looks and tutorials from instagram to my videos on youtube. I am a makeup artist, it’s just my passion. There is not a possible way for me to not talk about anything related to beauty, haha. Including reviews on both things I love and not so much. There will also be some skin care, hair care/ looks and outfit posts.
  • There will also be some faith based posts all the way to motherhood and things in between. Life isn’t always so easy and we all have our struggles but the worst thing is to feel alone. You are never alone, someone has been in your shoes at some point. If I have an experience that is relatable or something someone can learn from I want to share it. No matter your who you are or your age, we can all learn things from others. I just want to encourage and uplift others, with all the negative and bad things we hear and see all the time. Make a bad situation good.

I’m not perfect and my blog wont be either, and I’m completely okay with that! With all that being said…. Now lets get things going! Cheers to living life the best we can and sharing it with others! Until next time my friends, wishing you nothing but the best! Have a wonderful day and stay blessed! All my love.




Hey y’all!

Just got a quick post for you today. Last night I reached 100 followers and I just have to say thank y’all so much! I really have been enjoying connecting with everyone. I hope I’ve offered something to each person who stops by my blog. Though, Im still trying to figure out the whole blogging world still, Im finding my way with at least one post a week. I just want to say I really appreciate everyone for the support!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday with family and friends!



Walmart Knit Long Cardigan 

Yes my friend you read right. I said Walmart. And isn’t it gorgeous!? Would you believe I found it there, while I was gathering supply’s for that power ranges DIY costume?! 

Well I loved it so much I bought 3 of the 4 colors, I’m not even kidding you! The only reason I didnt get the white was because as I mentioned before I have a 3 year old boy, not a good mix. I try to stay away from white as much as I can. The long cardigan is only $15!! Can’t beat a good find for a descent price.

Here is one example how I styled it! Enjoy my friends! Sweater cardigans are in again!




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Piñata DIY

Here it’s is! The piñata post! Super easy y’all, just a little time consuming. Just look how big it is, this sucker was heavy with all the goodies I stuffed into it. What’s funny is I put in a sweet spot and no one even got close to it, not to mention I thought it was going to break before I even got to set it up. It ended up being alittle too sturdy for the kids lol. 

Now I realize there is a paper-mâché version. Though I obviously went with the cardboard way simplify because I had a bunch of boxes and was in fear it would probably not hold up till his party if it was only glue and newspaper.

So Here’s how I did it, its super simple you guys.

You need:

  • Pencil/ pen/ marker
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors/ exacto knife
  • Masking tape
  • Glue
  • Twine
  • Crepe paper/ tissue paper/ streamers
  • Treats/ candy/ goodies
  1. Draw the outline of desired shape
  2. Cut out (2) for front and back 
  3. Cut out inch and half strips for the sides
  4. Tape sides to either front or back piece
  5. Add treats & goodies
  6. Tape remaining side
  7. Poke to hole in top for hanging string
  8. Decorate as desired

See easy as pie. Well maybe easier actually if you can’t bake? Lol.


Hope y’all enjoyed! Have an awesome week!

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Hey all my beauties!

If you know me, you know I love makeup, I love to create! I guess that’s why I’m a makeup artist, but just wanted to share with you all my favorite eye look. The cutcrease! In all the many ways to do it, super intense and dramatic or my version of soft and more simple it’s my go to look! 

Here’s some of my cutcrease looks!

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I hope all is well with everyone, I’ve kinda been MIA on all my social media platforms, I’m so sorry. Here lately I’ve been in just a blah mood. Not to mention trying to adjust, as well as help my son adjust to going to school. I guess you could say I’ve been a little stressed and busy. I’m used to going to bed late and getting up at like 10. Now I’m trying to get to bed soon (not working out too well) and getting up at 6am. It’s quite difficult I’m definitely not a morning person. 

Just trying to get into the swing of a routine again, it’s been awhile.




Mom Probs: Screaming Baby In Car Seat

Hey friends ,

So today I wanted to talk about screaming babys, but specifically to the car seat and car rides. Anyone else heard of this or have/had this problem. I had know idea this was a thing. People always say ‘if your have a fussy baby who won’t sleep to take them for a car ride or put them in their car seat on top of the dryer’ , you heard that one too right? That was my first one he’d fall right asleep, not the case for the second. He wakes up as soon as he’s put in the car seat.

Obviously from the title of this post he screams, but hear me out he literally screams till he gets out. Branton absolutely no doubt about it hates being restrained and buckled in the car seat. In or out of the car. 

This started when he was almost 2 months. Out of no where, just all of a sudden, stated wailing out of control. We have tried toys, music, talking to him, singing to him, light up singing mirrors, being in the third row loving on him, adjusting straps, taking out seat cushions, adjusting angle positions of the carrier base… Nothing works. Imagine how our 5 hour trip to Dallas was… I’ll just say it was a looonnnggggg ride, that’s not happening again. I’m not going to go on any out of town trips till this ends. This is the kinda thing that makes you want to stay home and not go ANYWHERE. But I will add over the last couple weeks, sometimes (not much) if I’m back there with him and talking to him he’ll listen but still be fussing. So back to riding backseat with the kiddos for awhile, well at least when Dads around. Kinda on my own during he day.

This is apparently normal, and somewhat common. Unfortunately it’s probably gonna be one of those things he’ll have to grow out of. Right now the only thing that’s giving me hope is time. I’m trying to make the most of it, this is his first few months, he’s only growing bigger everyday. That to say the least is passing a lot quicker then the first time around. Till I have some solution I ask for your prayers, more so of peace for my little guy then myself, while we are riding and suffering from what many others suffer from in the car. Screaming baby.



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People Blessing People

Happy Tuesday! 
Friends today I want to just share what has been on my mind lately. Let me start off by just saying how GREAT is it to be alive today?! We are so lucky and blessed to be alive! Now don’t let me scare you into thinking I’m some weird Jesus freak , because I struggle all the time trying to keep God first in my life. It’s all the distractions that are around that get to me and yes I slip up all the time, but with that being said I do try my hardest to be the best I can be in my faith. Though I love God and I love talking about him, but there is still so much I’m learning, I’m still a baby christian. I don’t know as much as I should or as much as I wish I did. 

So let me get to what I’m trying to say or you’ll be stuck reading my rambling , bare with me as I’m trying to explain and organize my thoughts. Still working on expressing myself, but it’s just been on my heart that I could be doing more for people or to encourage people. Of course everyone loves to have a compliment but I feel like the ones that catch you off guard leave a lasting impression and make you feel the best. 
We all could bless each other a little more. God wants us to be showing grace and loving on other people. When we’re loving through the pain, we’re loving through the heart and its purifying us. Don’t just be offering in the good  times but in the tough times too. Yeah, it may not always be convenient for you but it’s going to make you feel better as well as come back to you later. God always sees what your doing and he’ll bless you for that.

I’ve been told to not rob someone of their blessing. Honestly I never really thought of it that way, when someone is trying to bless you. We should let them, don’t be messing with someone else’s good will to reach out and do something nice.

God loves us, though its way deeper then that. It’s a forever love, there is nothing that can change that. So imagine if we showed that love to others, cause everyone’s human we all have made and continue to make mistakes. We shouldn’t be jumping to conclusions to judge people, that’s not our job and quiet frankly it doesn’t matter. You know? 
I’m just thinking out loud on somethings that were brought up in a Wednesday bible study class. It really had me thinking and two weeks later it’s still just as fresh, making an imprint on me.  There’s way more to it just wanted to touch on the main points of what was on my mind.Here’s a couple verses that went with it that really hit home for me.        

‭‭1 Peter 1:22

 “Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for each other, love one another deeply, from the heart.”
Ephesians 4:2 

“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.”