Shattered Glass

Hey friends,

I’m not sure why this is heavy on my heart still. If this my way of still getting over the shock, or has a deeper meaning I haven’t yet figured out or maybe just obsessing bc the hormones are out of control at the moment.

The other day while I was driving to go meet my husband I didn’t make it too far, maybe 10 miles down the road, without having him come get the kids and myself. I was caught off guard in a complete state of terror and shock.

As I was just starting to get close to coming into town, going about 60 mph when on a busy two lane highway out of now where a loud BOOM hit my window. My drivers side window, smacked dab in the middle of it. I’m not sure what but I watched in slow motion ,as if it was all fake, for a split second as my entire window cracked into a million tiny pieces and fell on into me. A dull roaring hollow sound of air came rushing in quickly followed.

In that moment it was the worst more scary than anything as out of reaction gripped my wheel tighter, closed my eyes as tight as I could for a split second, and held tight! Letting a long shrieky scream. Tears came rolling immediately. Not really realizing what was happening or bout to happen. I quickly opened and began slowing down to pull over.

The first thing outta Brantley’s mouth was “Mom, are you okay?!” In response I didnt have time and blurted out “No! I have glass all over me!” By this time I was pulled over and ended up in front of a place called Dewane’s body shop ironically.

I sat there and cried like a baby trying to process what was going on for a sec. Then called Brandon to let him know what just happend. I could barely get anything out to be understandable.

All the while many cars had passed and one at some point informed the owner of the body shop. He had been sitting watching me for a bit, but I had been in so much hysteria I never noticed. He eventually walked up with caution, making his way to my drivers side asking what happend and if we were okay. Still, not making much progress talking through the rolling tears. He helped clean up some of the few pieces left hanging on the window. Then helping me out. I was covered in glass…

I finally began to kind of calm down and pull myself together. Mr. Dewane had disappeared to get a box to help me clean up and cold water. I remember Brantley starting to get upset about my window being all busted out (probably due to how I reacted to everything). I quickly reassured him it was going to be okay, we would have it fixed. Being 25 weeks pregnant through all of this my emotions were completely outta control.

Ended up Mr. Dewane taking over cleaning up all the glass outta my seat and hoping in my truck to drive it in a bay where he got after the rest with a shopvack. I was so blessed to have him there to help. I don’t know whether or not he realized, though I kept thanking him over and over, I really needed the help and support not sure how I would have handled without.

I really wish I could have been more stable and brave for my boys (2 & 5yrs)… that obviously didn’t happen though, pregnancy hormones took over as I freaked out about everything. As I calmed down all I could think about was how lucky we where. How it was my window and not one of my kids, how nothing came through the window, how it wasn’t and accident involving a crashed vehicle or two… all the possibilities flooded my mind. I was so thankful we were all okay! Through all the bad God was right there protecting us. Especially my babies. My truck was fine besides the window… I walked away with a few scratches and glass in my arms, legs and feet, but everyone was okay…

We still have no clue what busted my window like that, but we have some suspicion it could have been a lug nut from someone’s Tire or something from one of the many log trucks I was passing. I was able to get my window fix that day and had my car back by the end of the day, we believe if it had been tinted, it wouldn’t have shattered as bad as it did. Though, I said I wanted bulletproof glass after all this…. lol I don’t believe I’ll be getting that.

God is good, he had his hand on us, and had all the right people there to help when we needed. I’m so Thankful that was it, it was so scary and such a crazy freak accident… just because not everything that happens is good there is still good to be scene in it.

There was so much glass in my floor board and even behind my seat by my sons door, that you can’t even see from this picture.

By this point we had got most of the glass in the box and where bout to vacuum the rest.

Almost a week later I’m still trying to pull out a piece of glass outta my foot, but imma say that was a good day still through it all… we walked away fine. Truly blessed and thankful.

Till next time,



Blog Update

Hey hey,

It’s been a hot minute since the last post and I just have to say sometimes life throws a couple curve balls at you. Here lately I have been doing some serious thinking about where I’m at in life and where I would like to be. Basically, just trying to figure it all out. They say sometimes you have to loose yourself to find yourself, and I’d say there is a lot of truth in that. So now I’m getting back into things, but this time a little more clearly than before.

Writing posts where pretty therapeutic when I first started, then things began to change as time went on. I feel like everything got to a point where I quite being myself , being the “people pleaser” that I am, ended up trying to please people rather than accomplish what I had set out to achieve. I quickly got off the path that I thought I wanted to be on, becoming distracted and confused. Now here I am just trying to start over.

  • I’m just gonna do my thing, for the fun of it. I’m gonna share more heart to heart posts. More of whats on my mind and whats going on in my life. Truth. Real Life. In the RAW. I feel like most of everything you see on social media and all over the place is almost fake or not all the truth. Nothing is perfect and I feel like that is the beauty in all. You have to learn how to be happy. It’s not always rainbows and butterfly’s and that is okay. That’s life. We all have our ups and downs, and become unhappy…But I’m pretty sure it’s about learning from where you’ve been so you can grow. You can choose to make the most of things and be more positive, that is when things really become interesting.
  • I’m gonna share my makeup posts. Both looks and tutorials from instagram to my videos on youtube. I am a makeup artist, it’s just my passion. There is not a possible way for me to not talk about anything related to beauty, haha. Including reviews on both things I love and not so much. There will also be some skin care, hair care/ looks and outfit posts.
  • There will also be some faith based posts all the way to motherhood and things in between. Life isn’t always so easy and we all have our struggles but the worst thing is to feel alone. You are never alone, someone has been in your shoes at some point. If I have an experience that is relatable or something someone can learn from I want to share it. No matter your who you are or your age, we can all learn things from others. I just want to encourage and uplift others, with all the negative and bad things we hear and see all the time. Make a bad situation good.

I’m not perfect and my blog wont be either, and I’m completely okay with that! With all that being said…. Now lets get things going! Cheers to living life the best we can and sharing it with others! Until next time my friends, wishing you nothing but the best! Have a wonderful day and stay blessed! All my love.



Lime Light Palooza Weekend

Hey all you lovely people,

   It’s definitely been a hot minute since I’ve posted. Life has had me so busy. I’m not sure about all you but my life could pass as a reality show, it never slows down and something intresting is always happening. No seriously, I don’t think you would actually believe everything that goes on in my life. 

Kutos to all the mamas and women who live and breathe blogging, all other social platforms and having a life. I’m not getting paid for it so I’m not gonna try to juggle so hard, but as much as I do already is a lot to keep up with. I’m not really sure how they do it, but good for them, I applaud all of you.

 So this weekend was quite eventful. It started on the Thursday for my family and myself. I was supposed to attend a training for  the Lime Light by Alcone Palooza. I brought the hubs and we left our kiddos (for the first time) to say with their grandparents till Sunday.

Leaving them for the first time over night(s) was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do as a parent.I’m sure other parents would have said the same) it’s not like they were down the road or anything. They would be 5 hrs away for like 4 Days. I made sure to have a full face of makeup on so I wouldn’t cry the moment they left me. Now I had watery eyes the entire time but only one tear fell, so I think I handled it pretty well, if I do say so mself. I felt a whirl of emotions, but mostly heartbreak. I knew they’d have fun and be okay, it was probably harder on me than any of them, but still hurt. Though, I won’t lie it was refreshing to have just my husband to myself, to go and do things just us like old times.

It was nice just being able to go into places and not take an hour to get a few things; I’d normally be getting everyone out, chasing kids, trying to focus and find what I need, handling meltdowns, getting completely side tracked, forgetting what I came for and getting everyone loaded back up. Its a job itself. So to go in and get out so quick was quit nice.

Like I mentioned earlier, I was supposed to be at Palooza Friday and Saturday. Though, I only made registration on Thursday night. Most of you probably dont know I have some anxiety problems. No, I dont take anything, no I haven’t been actually diagnosed but I know what a panic attack is. 

The first day, just getting to Austin for the event and being in the city made me super uncomfortable. I grew up in the suburbs of Dallas but since moving away I don’t exactly enjoy being back around loads of people. So after 10 minutes of looking for parking and walking how ever many blocks just to get to the hotel where this was taking place, then people everywhere already had my nerves on alert.

I don’t exactly know why I stress out and get so nervous but after my first episode back in 2012, it was so bad (story for another time), haven’t had one like it since but definitely not been the same since. I’ve really become more conservative, more of a loner and not good with large groups of people weather I know them or not. I get nervous/ anxious, just can’t handle it like I used too. 

Thursday night it started to happen. I was having a nice time with my husband, we had registered and found our hotel, dropped everything off, were now getting dinner. It was getting harder to breathe, my heart was pounding and my chest was starting to hurt. The anxiety was back. I can guarantee it was the city and first time being away from my babies like this.

Friday morning, I woke up fine but when Brandon and I went to breakfast and it was back. So I decided I would not attend my classes and just spend the day relaxing with the hubby. We shopped, went sight seeing and saw a movie. Also just bout got shot on our way to the hotel. There was lots of  construction in front of the hotel and some idiot kid trying to cut everyone else waved and point his gun as he passed, as if that was a good enough reason to cut everyone off. I bet he would have made his mom so proud… not.  For one of the most liberal city’s, this was a tad bit shocking, sure I’d expect this behavior in Monroe buy not Austin….Dangerous and Rude.

Anyways, as we got to our hotel Brandon and I were a tad shook up and angry about this encounter still. Saturday came about and we decided to just go ahead and make the 2 hr drive to Sea World to let lose and have fun, not to mention it has been about 5+ years since we had enjoyed a good roller coaster. It had been a long time since either one of us had been there. 

I didn’t make the palooza but I don’t feel I missed out on all that much. I got to spend so much needed alone time with my husband just us two and I’m very thankful for that. We got to strengthed our relationship and bond making memories, having him around helped take some anxiety away. I believe if he wouldn’t have came with me I would have been a miserable mess.

Our boys of course had fun with the Grands and I guess they were excited to see us but maybe a little mad too, BC neither one of them acted too excited to be reunited. Lol Branton actually tried to go back to his B-paw before we left. 

Things are still a little crazy due to the moving process, but I’m hoping within a month things will maybe calm down a bit.



Happy Thanks Giving

Hey friends! 

Today is the day we’ve all been ,well not patiently, waiting for to stuff our faces! I hope your getting to spend it with all your loved ones, and getting to make some precious wonderful memories while celebrating those much loved holiday traditions. But as I come wishing you all a happy tasteful day, I just want to remind you of what this day is ment for.

 It’s more than just a good time and food. It’s the time to come together to be grateful and give thanks. I realize the end of the year holidays are exciting and merry for some and miserable from all the stess, misfortune, tragedy, or what have you for others. This is the time we need be loving on others the most. 

I’m also coming to you with a little heavy heart from what situation we encountered, with a hateful bitter old lady who was deeply offended by not only me breastfeeding in public but as well as my 3yr olds joyful heart (to sing and be happy in Whataburger). I somewhat feel shameful for thinking the nasty thoughts in my head as she said nasty words out loud but I’m proud I kept my mouth shut. In an instant, I should have spoke words of encouragement and love to bless her day. I felt an immediate sense of regret as she and her husband drove away saying my husband was an *** hole for asking her to repeat what she had rudely expressed ,quiet loudly, about our boys. 

I just want to encourage everyone to just bless people with a nice compliment as they speak words of disgrace upon you. You might want to judge them but really you dont know what battles they may be facing at that moment. Not to mention it’ll make you feel better and might bring to their attention how they’re acting to others. Its better to just be the bigger person as they try and fail at belittling you.

I wish you all a great day of delicious full belly’s and pray every has a safe Thanksgiving day.



Positive over Negative

Hey friends, 

Happy Sunday! Its been a tough week, huh? Which is why I wanted to post some inspiration and encouragement right quick, we could all use it. We have all had a moment like this, dont deny it. It’s okay, we’re all human, doubt and defeat set in sometimes. So I would like to suggest a little change from the normal actions. Let’s take all the negative and turn it into a positive to up lift each other. It could do us all a world of good. This quote has a very valid point, why not think of something positive when being in a negative state of mind? It couldn’t hurt anything, not to mention make you feel better if not more motivated.

Hope your week has started off to a wonderful beginning!



OOTD: A Fall Favorite

Got another ootd coming at cha❤️

Wheather the autumn weather is sunny and warm or tad bit chilly, I have to say this one is pretty perfect for either. It’s the right amount of casual dressy for the day out with the fam or  going to a gorgeous little wedding shower of a good friend or family member (such as I did).


Hat- Pink Blush


Faux leather leggings-Guess

Ankle booties- Corral




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The Days Are LONG but The Years Are SHORT. I’ve heard this before I became a mother, but it didn’t quite mean much till after my first baby came about. Yes, the days may be long but their right, the years are short. Years are seeming to pass fairly quickly now,  as fast as a blink of the eye. 

My day normally goes something like rush around with busy errands or constantly cleaning, all the while at least one kid crying or maybe screaming. Sometimes both at the same time, one crying and the other screaming. Never being alone for one second, can’t possibly stay focused because of everything going on, and everything I’m supposed to be doing. It’s stressful and crazy everyday all day long. I’m in a constant state of feeling guilty. If I’m trying to take a moment for myself I’m feeling bad about not spending time with the kids, or  if spending time with the kids and letting the cluttered house get worse, which I know isn’t to big of a deal. Though it puts everyone in a bad mood, well I say that, but at least for me it does from being surrounded in a messy dirty house ALL THE TIME. Then there’s me trying to grow as a blogger, makeupartist, influencer. It’s hard being a mom is what it comes down to. It’s the raw truth but worth it.

Ultimatley, here lately I’ve realized my babies are growing up fast. So I’m sorry if I spend less time on social media, but as bad as I hate to say it, it’s waisted time I could be spending with the kids. So here’s my plan. One blog post a week. Going to try for once a day on insta. One new video on YouTube a month to get back into the swing of things. We’ll see how it goes. I really just want more time for my kids though. I can always grow later, I understand this may be a set back and cause people to unfollow. But I’m having such a hard time juggling everything.

Kudos to all the moms who “have it together” , who have everything scheduled out but I’m definitely not one of them. I’m ALWAYS late, and ALWAYS distracted. So this is my first real attempt to juggling what will be my future. Both a reflection of me through my kids being good people and where ever things should end up job wise.

The Uppity Cosmetologist

Here lately I can’t keep seem to stay consistent. Not with just social media or blogging nor with my hair. One day with ombre, ends lightened till white, to purple,back to all brown, again with ombre, then to all blonde, also cut what seems like 5 inches so everyone would leave me alone about my dead ends(not that I even cared, I’m pretty convinced everyone just wanted me to cut it off), just thought I would be satisfied but no. The truth is I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied. It runs deeper. It’s definitely an addiction. Though it doesn’t start here it started a long time ago, we’ll save that for another time, though here within the last year I’ve been changing my hair a bunch.

 I’ll let you in on a little secret, I don’t have any plans on stopping anytime soon either. You see, obviously I’m not gonna let it fall out, but here’s the thing. Since it’s MY hair and I’m not absolutely head over heels in love with it, I WILL continue to do what I CHOOSE  till I’m 100% in love with it. Which is why I don’t enjoy trips to salons or many lisenced cosmetologist, i hate that they seem to have a tendency to do whatever THEY WANT. They end up chopping like a zillion inches off, to be an almost long bob if your lucky, of what was supposed to be a ‘Trim’. 

If I want splits ends, yes, I will keep MY split ends. You can tell me over and over until your blue in the face,  “Oh your ends! You need to cut this much off!” No, lady I know my hair better then you, I’ve revived and mended my hair before (sure it takes awhile) but I can do it again.

I’m sorry for being so blunt but I’m so tired of all these license cosmetologist thinking anyone who does not have a license are beneath them. For some reason they seem to think women like myself are completely incapable of doing our own hair. When just about every time I’ve went and had my hair done I don’t get what I asked for, even when I show them a picture. I’m talking about not even coming close.

I’ve been doing my own hair since I was like 10. Now I’m 22… I know what I want (well usually, but I know what I like) , and if anyone is going to screw my hair up it’s going to be me. I don’t mind rocking alittle brass, orange or yellow for a small amount of time. I know what’s on and under all that I’ve got going on, and I’m fine with doing it myself most of the time. 

In conclusion this is my hair and it will grow back it’s not a big deal. Ultimately it’s my hair. So sorry I’m not sorry, I don’t appreciate your wasted opinions on something I don’t even have to explain to you…

Here’s what it is for the moment.💕Have a wonderful weekend. 



Motherhood: Survived through a tough night

Sorry for the lack of posts been trying to get back to normal. It’s that time of year again. The time of year of colds, flu and stomach bugs. Never fun, but real life happens. But then adding a toddler and new baby to the equation is the real deal. You think it’s hard being an adult without having mom there to help take care of you, to at least hold your hair back or get you a wet wash cloth…etc. (the husband doesn’t count, his stomach is too weak for anything gross) Then to have a light sleeping teething 4 month old and toddler all in the same room is a cause for disaster. 

 So not only are you just rushing to put your head in the toilet in the early hours in the morning, your also trying to not wake anyone. Haha but in this situation in my life, the baby wakes up the whole house because he feels that mom has slipped away. In turn the whole house wakes up. Sorry fam. So with the many back and forth trips to the bathroom is exhausting enough, I decided the best thing to do was bring the baby with. Into the bath seat baby went, while I curled up next to the toilet for the night. At that moment my thought was he can at least see me, which helped out somewhat. 

Anyways it was a long night I’ll spare you the rest of the details… but so glad it’s done and over. Now two days later I’m back to normal and busy busy again! 

Stay healthy my friends!


– Britt