Whitening Sensitive Teeth At Home 

Hey everyone, 

Hope all is well in your world! Smile Brilliant. Have you heard of them? They are a store that is just like they sound, they are the cleaning, maintaning and whitening of the dentist but in the comfort of your own home. 

I partnered up with them to try their in home teeth whitening kit. After a little back and forth of trying to decide if this was right for me, because I’m not your average mouth, I decided to give it a go. My teeth are super sensitive and while yes, I want that beautiful glowing white smile, I can’t just go whiten my teeth like most of you. I chipped off half of one of my front teeth as a kid, so its been filled and doesn’t whiten. So my options are go have it redone to blend to match whiteness (which would eventually not match again, constant upkeep) , venieers, or whiten and just have a discolored front tooth. So I thought if worst came to worst I could have it blended, why not try professional whitening at home.

 So they first sent the molds for custom fitted trays, all I had to do was follow the easy directions to get the impressions and then send them back. About a week later I started whitening. I got my results about 2 months but thats only because I was doing the shortest amount of whitening time. 45 min every other day, sometimes two days between, since my teeth are so sensitive. I would desensitize, whiten, then desensitize again. Through the process my husband also threw away my tray on accident, but that was no problem. They sent my replacement tray and it actually ended up fitting better.

Y’all, I’m so glad I went with it, my cosmetic issue and sensitive teeth were not a problem. Now I could have kept going for whiter teeth but I don’t want it to be that obvious my tooth is chipped, you can already see its been chipped if you look hard enough. Im very satisfied with how they are as of right now. With Father’s Day quickly approching this would make a great gift, and since my husband never reads my blog I can without a doubt say this is what he is going to get. He’s hinted around since I was offered the collaberation opurtunity that he wanted to try it. Ya’ll better not go and tell on me now! Well here ya go, how to whiten sensitive teeth!

Oh I almost forgot to tell you keep an eye out for my giveaway! Yes, Smile Brilliant has been so kind to allow me to giveaway to one lucky winner their own kit! I also have a coupon code: bkelly20 for $20 dollars off your purchase. Be looking for this giveaway, it will open Tuesday June 6th at noon and will end noon CST Tuesday 13th. Open to USA, Canada, Uk, and Austrialia. Please be sure to follow me on instagram to see further details.



Check out all they have to offer!




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5 Must have Buckle summer inspired looks

Happy Sunday,

Quick question! Who all thought I made a typo? I make a bunch, I just get too excited and don’t double check as often as I should. Now who all thought I just couldn’t count? Yeah uhh huh, I gotcha didn’t I?! Haha well, 1 point for me. I didn’t miss count, the fifth look you can scroll down for, its swim wear…but the hubs wasn’t down for me to model it for ya. Can’t say I blame him lol.

Anyways here 5 super cute looks to try for yourself this summer. One for every occasion. I’d also like to add you can shop all these looks with the help of an online stylist! Here’s the link!



Dress: Billabong

Bralette: BKE

Shoes: farylrobin


Shirt: Billabong

Vest: Brandon Thomas

Leggings: BKE core

Shoes: Solely Black by BKE


Shirt: The Lightest Blonde

Pants: Gilded Intent

Shoes: Roan


Bralette: BKR

Shirt: En Crēme

Skirt/ shorts: Coco + Jaimeson

Shoes: Not Rated


Kimono: Coco + Jaimeson

Bikini: Becca

Shoes: farylrobin




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A Few Of My Favorite Things + GIVEAWAY

Hi friends,

 I just want to share a few of my favorite things, more of phyical this time, to share more about myself. A little bit of this and a little bit of that! Get through the list have a little surprise for ya😉.

1.     Tie between Lorac & Tarte

Haha yes the first thing is makeup. When I wear it I’ve noticed it can really give me an extra shot of confidence and a feel good attitude for the day. You wont look your best until you feel your best.

2.   Hell And High Water

I’m not even kidding, these shirts are so comfortable! I literally live in them. I have a more edgy style most days, so their perfect. Not to mention a portion of money on your sale goes to a good cause supporting kids who are well, going through hell and high water. No I’m not getting paid or anything for sharing, just love all my H&HW shirts.

3. Ottis Spunkmeyer Muffins

Oh my goodness! You haven’t had a muffin until you’ve had one of these! Suprisingly I like them all but the chocolate with chocolate chips are the BEST! Just add a chilled cup of orange juice and my morning is made.

4. Crochet

Not many people know I really enjoy crocheting. So happy my Granny Rita taught me when I was little. Its a good outlet to chill out and has taught me a bit of patience.

5. Crocs

Funny to think how much I prematurly hated these things. Everything about them, they ugliest things I had ever seen. Then I had to quickly find shoes one day to step outside and my husbands Croce were the only things around. From that instant I was in love with them and decided I needed a pair. I wear them all the time now… #momswag

6. Yoga

Guilty again of prematurely judging. I just seemed to think there was nothing too it. So when I was invited over and over again and finally tried it I loved it. Found it was a little more difficult than what I had imagined.


I love the smell of it, the look of it and anything built or made from it. Always have, i just got lucky to have married a man that owns a dock and deck company.

8. Lists

Now I’m not OCD or anything but have a little bit of an organized streak in me I guess. Have always like making lists and following written directions to the T.

9. Hats

I’m a little obsessed. Most days you’ll find me wearing a ball cap but love me a big floppy hat too. Been a little more concerned about staying outta the sun lately.

10. Iced Lemon Pound cake

Starbucks Iced Lemon Pound Cake! My goodness, tried my first one when I was in middle school and feel in love. Can not go to Starbucks and not have me a slice!

So in honor of me loving Hell and High Water clothing so much I’ve asked them if they’d be willing to collaborate with me. Well they so graciously agreed to a GIVEAWAY! Head over to the insta account for the details!




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Influenster Voxbox (x2)

Hey y’all. 

I recently received not one but two  voxboxes from Influenster! So I just figured it would be easier to share both at the same time. I’ll start with the blue box first, seeing how it is bigger. Not to mention Brant on Brant on preferred the blue over the black as you can tell! Now this is more just sharing what I received this time around since there was so much. But I did some what review the second box.

Here’s what was inside:
A better look.

Top to bottom and left to right:

  1. Crispy Green Crispy Fruit
  2. Burts Bee’s Protein + Healthy Radiance Powder
  3. Febreze ONE Fabric & Air Mist
  4. Orgain Organic Protein Bars
  5. Coupon a Free Sabra Guacamole Grab & Go
  6. Orabrush A DenTek Brand Tongue Cleaner
  7. Pop chips Ridges Cheddar & Sour Cream (Forgot to list)

Haven’t had the chance to use everything just yet but as you can see I definitely got some goodies to taste!

Moving on the the second box!

Heres what was inside:

  • Two lipsticks (whiskey, honeycomb)
  • Two lip pencils (44 (darker), 20(lighter))
  • One sharpener

      These colors are so beautiful and so creamy. I’m not normally one for a lipstick that isn’t anything but a matte, but my goodness! I’ve been wearing these quite a bit. Both light and dark are perfect shades! I’ll be buying some other colors in both the lipstick and pencils.

      Now I received all of this for testing purposes but all my opinions are my own. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Talk to y’all later!




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      New to Ipsy

      Hey friends, belated Merry Christmas!

      Hope everyone is doing well,  the holidays have had me busy and Im sure as all of you as well. So I got my first ipsy bag in and I was so excited to lay my eyes on it in the mailbox. Yes, at first I will say I was a little skeptical about joining the program, but eventually I came to my senses. High end products for $10 a month isn’t a bad deal, I was surprised to see small travel sizes since I was told they were full sizes, though I’m not complaining. Even high end travel sizes can be over priced. I’m still new to this so I’m not really sure if I’m supposed to just review it or what not.  I’m thinking I’m going to just show you what I received this time . 

      Here we go!

      I love everything about the packaging! Then when I opened it up to find a pink fur little zip pouch, I got a tad more excited because it was so adorable. Which reminds me I need to start thinking about what I’m going to do with all these zip bags that they send all the sample goodies in.

      3 of the 5 products I received I had not heard of, probably because there’s a gazillion lipstick lines and I don’t really ever do much hair care or moisturizers. Not to say I’m not going to turn down or reject them.

      First I’m going to start off with the Nyx eyeshadow. In the shade Punk Heart.

      Okay y’all, I love Nyx cosmetics they have yet to fail me with any of their products. I haven’t tried their shadows before but as you can see this shimmery purple is very pigmented, this was just a one swipe swatch. The color pay off is very vibrant, let’s just say I was very impressed. I was kind of thinking it would be perfect for New Year’s so be expecting a New Year’s look coming soon with the shadow.

      Moving on, to the other makeup product I received was this matte liquid velvet lipstick from Ciate. In the shade Pin Up.

      I haven’t ever heard of this brand, but already I can tell you I was impressed. All I did was swatch this on my hand for not even 2 minutes and it had already stained my hand when I wiped it off. Not to mention the show that had been sent me was one of my favorite colors to wear the cute bows on the packaging are just a plus. I plan on checking out their site to find out the other shades as well as if they offer anything else.

      Next is the much raved about Tarte Maracuja Oil. Im pretty excited about this one, even though I didn’t know much about it. The box said to use every night on face and neck for 6 weeks to reduce fine limes and wrinkles, improved texrure and renewed appearance. It could also be used to soften cuticles, tame flyaways, condition split ends and hydrate skin and rough patches.

      Here is an intensive moisturizer from another brand I haven’t heard of called Cake. They seem to take pride in leaving out: parabens, sodium chloride,phthalates, GMOs, mineral oil, petrolatum, gluten, and triclosan. It says this hand repair balm is 20% made up of Shea butter and approved by beauty junkies.

      Last but not least is a frizz control gel from Briogeo. Considering most of the time I’m fighting frizz this is right up my alley! This was also the other one I had never heard of but looking for good results from.

       Have a wonderful rest of the weeks friends!




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      Elf Influenster VoxBox

      Hey all my makeup enthusiasts!

      I got a new voxbox in, and as you can see it was all beauty items. The goodies I got this time are my favorite ones to get! You can never go wrong with a little makeup. Elf is a drugstore cosmetic brand, but I’ve notice over the past few years they’ve really stepped up their game. They went from just ok cheap products to some really good quality products at a very affordable price point. Now, they offer skine care items. I did recieve all of these products from influenster, no charge, for testing purposes. Here’s what I got!

      Hydrating Bubble Mask

      I wasn’t sure if I was using this correctly the first time I tried it. You want your face damp , push down to pump out product, rub in circular motions, wait 5 minutes for bubbles to bring out dirt and oils. Sounds easy enough, right? Well never could get a good lather of bubbles but was still impressed with how clean an tight my face felt after.

      Elf Mineral Primer

      Now this one isn’t all that new, but definitely a must have in my opinion. I’ve actually compared this one to the MAC prep n prime and it is literally the same thing, well except for the price and packaging. 

      This one I was surprisingly impressed with. I wasn’t sure how well the pigment payoff would be, because I have tried their shadows before and found that some had great pigment and others not so much. Swatched it for ya. Not bad eh?!

      Lip Exfoliator
      I was excited to try this one, particularly because it is a mint green color,just kinda drew me in. The last time I had tried it was brown, smelled as well as tasted like brown sugar and really messy. This time there not taste or smell. Im nit complaining at all, it gets the job done, my lips stay so frustratingly dry.  Though it does seem like it could be just as messy as it was before. 

      Matte Lipstick

      Last but not least I received the matte lip color in Wine. It’s such a  beautiful maroon shade. Definitely something I would have pickup to begin with, which I have tried these matte lippies before and really liked them then, for the record I still do. It wasn’t long lasting but the formula wasn’t where it was completely drying my lips out either. 

      Well thats all today friends!




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      Power Rangers DIY Costume

      Hey all!

      This one has been sitting here for a bit. To be honest i kind if forgot about doing this post. So here it is late but better than never, just wanted to share a quick DIY with you today! As some of you might have seen, we went with a halloween family theme again this year, as Power Rangers. This was Brantley’s chosen them, he’s a but obsesssed with the Power Rangers at the moment. I would aso like to shot out to the hubs, good job babe for actually prticipating! On to the tutorial.This was fairly simple to achieve.

      What you need: 

      • (Optional) Clothing dyes
      • Shirt & (Optional) Leggings
      • Felt
      • Hot glue 
      • (Optional) tube socks (over the ankle but not knee)

      Basically, I couldn’t find the right color shades or the right sizes for hubs and baby, so I figured instead of buying to settle why not save money and make it myself. So for the boys I took white shirts they already had and dyed them.

      Next I cut out diamonds from the felt and hot glue them down. And Ta-Da you have a quick Halloween outfit. I did decided to do a little more on the baby’s and add the cuffs to mine since it was a long sleeve.




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      As some of you may know my latest Voxbox that I recieved from Influenster was the Pepvox box. I did an unboxing video if your interested.

      Here’s the link.

      I was planning on doing a follow up video of my thoughts but instead I think I’ll just stick to this blog post.

      There were 6 things in the box. 

      First off the Pure Ice Shine with Gel Tech

      I’ve never had gel polished nails and honestly this wasn’t any different from the normal polish. It lasted 2 days before chipping. 

      7th Heaven Exfoliator & Masque

      I have to say, I definitely judge this product before I even tried it. I was really just thinking this was going to be another mask but I was wrong. I ended up loving the smell that sale and then after affects. Loved it!

      Max Factor

      I am actually pretty fond of the mascara I have been using it every day for the past 2 1/2 weeks. Now the liner I love the wear of this and it being true black, that being said I am NOT a fan of the pan shaped tip. Though this could be because it’s different from what I’m used to using.

      Simple Skincare Cleansing Facial Wipes

      I was thinking I used these before but I would have definatley remembered. These were much thinker then the other ones I’ve used and surprising got all the makeup off without any problems. The fact that they are sensitive on skin is a plus.

      Land O’Frost Deli Snackers

      No comment. I recieved a coupon but can’t seem to ever have it around when I’m at the store. I always forget about it.

      Kauai Coffee

      Now for the coffee. I’m not really into it so I had my husband try these out. They came in small k-cups, I’m assuming this is the sample sizes? He stated they had a crisp roasted flavor but then made the comment they taste like coffee and the all taste the same. Lol 😂

      Again I recieved all of this from Influenster for testing purposes but all opinions are my own.



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      The Days Are LONG but The Years Are SHORT. I’ve heard this before I became a mother, but it didn’t quite mean much till after my first baby came about. Yes, the days may be long but their right, the years are short. Years are seeming to pass fairly quickly now,  as fast as a blink of the eye. 

      My day normally goes something like rush around with busy errands or constantly cleaning, all the while at least one kid crying or maybe screaming. Sometimes both at the same time, one crying and the other screaming. Never being alone for one second, can’t possibly stay focused because of everything going on, and everything I’m supposed to be doing. It’s stressful and crazy everyday all day long. I’m in a constant state of feeling guilty. If I’m trying to take a moment for myself I’m feeling bad about not spending time with the kids, or  if spending time with the kids and letting the cluttered house get worse, which I know isn’t to big of a deal. Though it puts everyone in a bad mood, well I say that, but at least for me it does from being surrounded in a messy dirty house ALL THE TIME. Then there’s me trying to grow as a blogger, makeupartist, influencer. It’s hard being a mom is what it comes down to. It’s the raw truth but worth it.

      Ultimatley, here lately I’ve realized my babies are growing up fast. So I’m sorry if I spend less time on social media, but as bad as I hate to say it, it’s waisted time I could be spending with the kids. So here’s my plan. One blog post a week. Going to try for once a day on insta. One new video on YouTube a month to get back into the swing of things. We’ll see how it goes. I really just want more time for my kids though. I can always grow later, I understand this may be a set back and cause people to unfollow. But I’m having such a hard time juggling everything.

      Kudos to all the moms who “have it together” , who have everything scheduled out but I’m definitely not one of them. I’m ALWAYS late, and ALWAYS distracted. So this is my first real attempt to juggling what will be my future. Both a reflection of me through my kids being good people and where ever things should end up job wise.

      The Uppity Cosmetologist

      Here lately I can’t keep seem to stay consistent. Not with just social media or blogging nor with my hair. One day with ombre, ends lightened till white, to purple,back to all brown, again with ombre, then to all blonde, also cut what seems like 5 inches so everyone would leave me alone about my dead ends(not that I even cared, I’m pretty convinced everyone just wanted me to cut it off), just thought I would be satisfied but no. The truth is I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied. It runs deeper. It’s definitely an addiction. Though it doesn’t start here it started a long time ago, we’ll save that for another time, though here within the last year I’ve been changing my hair a bunch.

       I’ll let you in on a little secret, I don’t have any plans on stopping anytime soon either. You see, obviously I’m not gonna let it fall out, but here’s the thing. Since it’s MY hair and I’m not absolutely head over heels in love with it, I WILL continue to do what I CHOOSE  till I’m 100% in love with it. Which is why I don’t enjoy trips to salons or many lisenced cosmetologist, i hate that they seem to have a tendency to do whatever THEY WANT. They end up chopping like a zillion inches off, to be an almost long bob if your lucky, of what was supposed to be a ‘Trim’. 

      If I want splits ends, yes, I will keep MY split ends. You can tell me over and over until your blue in the face,  “Oh your ends! You need to cut this much off!” No, lady I know my hair better then you, I’ve revived and mended my hair before (sure it takes awhile) but I can do it again.

      I’m sorry for being so blunt but I’m so tired of all these license cosmetologist thinking anyone who does not have a license are beneath them. For some reason they seem to think women like myself are completely incapable of doing our own hair. When just about every time I’ve went and had my hair done I don’t get what I asked for, even when I show them a picture. I’m talking about not even coming close.

      I’ve been doing my own hair since I was like 10. Now I’m 22… I know what I want (well usually, but I know what I like) , and if anyone is going to screw my hair up it’s going to be me. I don’t mind rocking alittle brass, orange or yellow for a small amount of time. I know what’s on and under all that I’ve got going on, and I’m fine with doing it myself most of the time. 

      In conclusion this is my hair and it will grow back it’s not a big deal. Ultimately it’s my hair. So sorry I’m not sorry, I don’t appreciate your wasted opinions on something I don’t even have to explain to you…

      Here’s what it is for the moment.💕Have a wonderful weekend.