OOTD: Southern Edge (Hell And High Water)

Its hump day, 

That being said I want to share some chic edgy clothes from Hell And High Water! They also offer men’s appreal and more. I suggest you go check them out if you’ve into the southern edgy kinda style and never heard of them.

 My sweet friend, Theresa,  was so kind to have sent me two of her mama friendly (breastfeeding approved) tops. Seriously, what breastfeeding mother isn’t interested in some stylish tops that are easy to nurse in? Let me guess, you can’t name one. I love the southern edgy vibe from the selection from these awesome graphic Tee’s, so great for the on the go mamas such as myself. They were not just cute, but soft as well as super comfy!

When your ready to check out dont forget to use my discount code BKELLY for 20% off your entire purchase! You can follow them on insta @hell_and_high_water.

Hope you all are enjoying the beautiful weather change, and staying well! Until next time,




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Glitter Collab + tutorial

Happy Saturday! This past week I worked on a collaboration with one of my good friends, Anastasia. From the title you should know what it is. It involved something most females are drawn to, as well as shines and sparkles. YASS , GLITTER! It was a little messy, but a lot of fun. Shoot, I don’t pass any opportunity to just play in makeup ( when I actually have time, which is most of my problems, time) , especially glitter! 

Annie’s :

You can follow more of her work on Instagram @anastasiaraujomakeup

You can also see her video here.

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Oh and if you have time, go check out the tutorial on how I did this look! It was super easy. I’m sure you already have this stuff. I also threw in a clip featuring Annie’s look! Click the picture to take you straight there!

Have a wonderful weekend beauties!❤️


Ootd: Mom Style

I’m enjoying the last of the warmer days with this causal outfit. But, I’m also embracing fall with boots and darker lips! This is pretty much my everyday casual style, I guess you could call it my mom style. Loose comfy shirts are my favorite so thankfully the boots make them look nicer, in my opinion.

Shirt – Forever 21

Shorts – Calvin Klein

Boots – Wet Seal

Hope it sunny and beautiful where you are!

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Xoxo -bkelly

Makeup Recreation: American Horror Story, Freak Show

Recently I did a makeup collab with my fellow makeup up artist friend Judi, we decided to do some American Horror Story: Freak Show recreations. Have to say which is one of my favorite shows, though I didn’t follow season 5  after seeing the first episode. I’ll just leave it as they took it too far and lost a viewer for that season but so happy it’s back on with season 6!

Here is what we came up with!

I just love collaberating with this talented woman, I’m sure you can see why! You can follow her on insta @Judischarfman . 

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Random fact: you can not apply to be Miss Louisiana if your a mom or have or been married…
Hmm, I was not interested in it but for some reason it makes me feel a tab bit offended? ….

Does it really matter if your a mother or married or been married if your between the ages of requirements? I’m just not quiet understanding why it’s an issue.. Even if I was interested in doing a pageant because I have a legal partnership with a piece of jewelry on my finger or the fact that I have two kids (makes me really disqualified😂) already rejects me from an application. So I was blessed to skip by with little to no stretch marks, so I have a man that loves me by my side supporting me. How on earth is that a reason to disqualify someone. I thought the whole idea of a Pageant Was to find some incredible,smart, talented, inspiring woman? Is it not? Is it really just about how they look and the extracurricular activities they are involved with. Shouldn’t the fact that they have had more life experience with one of these issues qualify them more? I’m just saying there are plenty of mothers and wives that do all that and more and look just as good as all the girls and women who aren’t/haven’t been married or had children… 

Maybe I’m missing something but that’s so aggravatingly rude.

I’d love to hear some thoughts.


Floral Tunic

Hey Friends!

I thought I would share with you one of my new favorite outfits. It was perfect for a day out on the boardwalk in Shreveport , on a gorgeous spring day in May!

I have to say this floral tunic has got to be one of the most adorable ones I have ever laid eyes on! You can wear as a dress or long shirt with leggings or jeans, either way it’s still super adorable. Another plus to this specific tunic is it can be worn during pergnancy or after. It’s super lightweight, breathable fabric is made of cotton and polyester. 

So wether or not your having brunch or just out and about during the day it’s perfect. As you can see for yourself how stunning it was on. Hope your Sunday was as lovely as mine, stay well!

You can find yours at If The Crown Fits Boutique. 

Outfit details:

Hat: Jessica Simpson

Dress: If The Crown Fits

Cardigan: Forever21

Shoes: Rue21

Watch: Michael Kors

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Forever scarred because of bad Photographers?

  Hey friends!

This has been on my mind a lot lately with considering a new photographer for my maternity pictures. Especially since I want these to be perfect, and I’m SUPER PICKY! I’ve always been the DIY type of person, the one who doesn’t like to ask for any help. With anything! Like let me do my thing, but sometimes you can’t do it all…and the first time getting an actual ‘photographer’ was for my wedding. Sounds like a huge shock huh?! Haha no.

It’s a huge deal! And let me let you in on a little secret, please learn from my mistake!!! For all you out there who may be engaged or just for in the future. Listen very carefully! DO NOT GO FOR THE BEST DEAL! If they are a good price, BEWARE! I don’t care if they good shots in their portfolio. That doesn’t mean they are going to take as much pride in their work for what ever the event in your life that is so important to you. 

The first gut feeling you get that’s bad, go with it! Two months before my wedding my photographer got real shady. Wouldn’t answer either phones or email or text or instant messanger. First red flag! When I finally got ahold of her, she had a family emergency. Second red flag! She lost her mojo, her passion, everything. I get it was hard times, but even in my contract (that she couldn’t ever even seem to get to me) was stated that for any reason could not take me she should get another photographer. With her situation, she failed to honor just that, mentality she was not really there you could say. For that I don’t have any beautiful , high def quality pictures. 

Nothing, not good pictures of the bridesmaids and myself or my family. None of why she got to me Would I ever hang up, not to mention the shots I specially asked for never got(I did have to bug her about some of them and they were terrible angles, plus never got the release to them). She gave me the raw unedited pictures 2 months later. Anyways let me get off that rant, just brings back anger, regret, and makes me upset. 

My point is really do your research, even though I looked for a good month for a photographer, I went with the best deal I could find. That was probably the worst thing I could have done. But you live and you learn right?! Sometimes you have to learn the hard way. But still brings me to … Will I forever be scarred from this photographer? Yes, unfortunately I think so. This is still fresh hurt, even after a year, and not to mention that was my WEDDING the one day you want perfect! I can’t get any of that back..

Anyone have and tips or advice to finding a good photographer let me know! I’d love to know how you choose your photographer!


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