Teacher Appreciation Week DIY

Hey all,

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, though my little tot is 3 and in MOD (mothers day out) he has two teachers so they do apply. Now don’t take this the wrong way, but I hate giving gifts. This is simply for the fact that I stress out over what to get and If it’ll be liked and then start to talk myself out of whatever it is most of the time then do it all over again. Other then that I actually enjoy giving, sharing, and surprising, yes haha a little bit contradictive huh… Anyways, I went round and round battling it out with my inner self,  to later come to the conclusion we would just make our two lovely teachers something a little bit more heart felt. Y’all, I could not be more proud of Brantley and myself at the moment. After awhile of searching for some Pinterest inspiration (not many will admit that) something cute and corny, nothing really jumped out. So we went to our craft box and endd up with popsicle sticks and paint. What 3 year old do you know who doesn’t just love either of these two things?  Then added a little bit of what I think would be ‘Southern Living’ and ‘Pottery Barn’ (burlap and rhinestones), to spice things up.  Not bad aye?

Final Product:

Cute little initialed hanging wall decor

And here’s the back.

A quick little thank you, though I should have dated it. Didn’t think about it till now lol oh well.


  • 10 large popsicle sticks
  • Glue (hot & Elmer’s)
  • Card stock
  • Water paint
  • Black & white paint (I used  )
  • Burlap 
  • Twine
  • Assorted rhinestones
  • Scissor 
  • Small paint brush
  1. Glued Popsicle sticks
  2. White paints then black details
  3. Drew letters 
  4. Water paint 
  5. Cut and glued to frame
  6. Hot glued twine to the back
  7. Hot glued rhinestone to burlap and burlap to frame
  8. Elmer’s glued little rhinestones randomly

Till next time my friends.




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Power Rangers DIY Costume

Hey all!

This one has been sitting here for a bit. To be honest i kind if forgot about doing this post. So here it is late but better than never, just wanted to share a quick DIY with you today! As some of you might have seen, we went with a halloween family theme again this year, as Power Rangers. This was Brantley’s chosen them, he’s a but obsesssed with the Power Rangers at the moment. I would aso like to shot out to the hubs, good job babe for actually prticipating! On to the tutorial.This was fairly simple to achieve.

What you need: 

  • (Optional) Clothing dyes
  • Shirt & (Optional) Leggings
  • Felt
  • Hot glue 
  • (Optional) tube socks (over the ankle but not knee)

Basically, I couldn’t find the right color shades or the right sizes for hubs and baby, so I figured instead of buying to settle why not save money and make it myself. So for the boys I took white shirts they already had and dyed them.

Next I cut out diamonds from the felt and hot glue them down. And Ta-Da you have a quick Halloween outfit. I did decided to do a little more on the baby’s and add the cuffs to mine since it was a long sleeve.




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Happy Thanks Giving

Hey friends! 

Today is the day we’ve all been ,well not patiently, waiting for to stuff our faces! I hope your getting to spend it with all your loved ones, and getting to make some precious wonderful memories while celebrating those much loved holiday traditions. But as I come wishing you all a happy tasteful day, I just want to remind you of what this day is ment for.

 It’s more than just a good time and food. It’s the time to come together to be grateful and give thanks. I realize the end of the year holidays are exciting and merry for some and miserable from all the stess, misfortune, tragedy, or what have you for others. This is the time we need be loving on others the most. 

I’m also coming to you with a little heavy heart from what situation we encountered, with a hateful bitter old lady who was deeply offended by not only me breastfeeding in public but as well as my 3yr olds joyful heart (to sing and be happy in Whataburger). I somewhat feel shameful for thinking the nasty thoughts in my head as she said nasty words out loud but I’m proud I kept my mouth shut. In an instant, I should have spoke words of encouragement and love to bless her day. I felt an immediate sense of regret as she and her husband drove away saying my husband was an *** hole for asking her to repeat what she had rudely expressed ,quiet loudly, about our boys. 

I just want to encourage everyone to just bless people with a nice compliment as they speak words of disgrace upon you. You might want to judge them but really you dont know what battles they may be facing at that moment. Not to mention it’ll make you feel better and might bring to their attention how they’re acting to others. Its better to just be the bigger person as they try and fail at belittling you.

I wish you all a great day of delicious full belly’s and pray every has a safe Thanksgiving day.




The Days Are LONG but The Years Are SHORT. I’ve heard this before I became a mother, but it didn’t quite mean much till after my first baby came about. Yes, the days may be long but their right, the years are short. Years are seeming to pass fairly quickly now,  as fast as a blink of the eye. 

My day normally goes something like rush around with busy errands or constantly cleaning, all the while at least one kid crying or maybe screaming. Sometimes both at the same time, one crying and the other screaming. Never being alone for one second, can’t possibly stay focused because of everything going on, and everything I’m supposed to be doing. It’s stressful and crazy everyday all day long. I’m in a constant state of feeling guilty. If I’m trying to take a moment for myself I’m feeling bad about not spending time with the kids, or  if spending time with the kids and letting the cluttered house get worse, which I know isn’t to big of a deal. Though it puts everyone in a bad mood, well I say that, but at least for me it does from being surrounded in a messy dirty house ALL THE TIME. Then there’s me trying to grow as a blogger, makeupartist, influencer. It’s hard being a mom is what it comes down to. It’s the raw truth but worth it.

Ultimatley, here lately I’ve realized my babies are growing up fast. So I’m sorry if I spend less time on social media, but as bad as I hate to say it, it’s waisted time I could be spending with the kids. So here’s my plan. One blog post a week. Going to try for once a day on insta. One new video on YouTube a month to get back into the swing of things. We’ll see how it goes. I really just want more time for my kids though. I can always grow later, I understand this may be a set back and cause people to unfollow. But I’m having such a hard time juggling everything.

Kudos to all the moms who “have it together” , who have everything scheduled out but I’m definitely not one of them. I’m ALWAYS late, and ALWAYS distracted. So this is my first real attempt to juggling what will be my future. Both a reflection of me through my kids being good people and where ever things should end up job wise.

Motherhood: Survived through a tough night

Sorry for the lack of posts been trying to get back to normal. It’s that time of year again. The time of year of colds, flu and stomach bugs. Never fun, but real life happens. But then adding a toddler and new baby to the equation is the real deal. You think it’s hard being an adult without having mom there to help take care of you, to at least hold your hair back or get you a wet wash cloth…etc. (the husband doesn’t count, his stomach is too weak for anything gross) Then to have a light sleeping teething 4 month old and toddler all in the same room is a cause for disaster. 

 So not only are you just rushing to put your head in the toilet in the early hours in the morning, your also trying to not wake anyone. Haha but in this situation in my life, the baby wakes up the whole house because he feels that mom has slipped away. In turn the whole house wakes up. Sorry fam. So with the many back and forth trips to the bathroom is exhausting enough, I decided the best thing to do was bring the baby with. Into the bath seat baby went, while I curled up next to the toilet for the night. At that moment my thought was he can at least see me, which helped out somewhat. 

Anyways it was a long night I’ll spare you the rest of the details… but so glad it’s done and over. Now two days later I’m back to normal and busy busy again! 

Stay healthy my friends!


– Britt

Pumpkin picking

The other day was a “first”. The first time pumpkin picking as a family of four, and the first time the baby set eyes on a pumpkin. I’m thinking he enjoyed it since he smiled just about the whole time.

Now that Brantley is old enough to start remembering, these memories are going to be special. I’m really enjoying the moments as much as he is. Just one look at his little face and you see all the joy in his eyes.  

The boys both got pumpkins, we obviously had to pick it out for the baby but Brantley picked his own. Of course it was a BIG one. I’m happy to announce they both were all smiles. Most of the time, we can’t make a trip anywhere without at least one melt down from one of the two. This time was a lucky one. We got threw it with no tears and nothing but good wholesome family fun.

I’ve got to say, this time was a lot more challenging getting pictures. I got enough , but not all the shots I wanted. So we’ll be making another trip. Here’s a few pictures I wanted to share though.😊

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“One Up”

I think you know where this is going, don’t you?

For real, it’s so easy to be on social media and see so many silently screaming for attention with ‘look what I have!’, ‘no look what I have!’, ‘well I went here!, ‘oh but I did this!’…. you guys come on…

It’s not a competition really, everyone is just at different places in the journey we call life. The choices I make are for me to improve myself as a mother and as a wife, trying to be a better person. I’m not trying to impress anyone, much less ‘one up’. Let me be honest, I can’t afford it physically, emotionally, or mentally to keep up. I need to focus my energy on more important things, not be playing games. 
 Have you ever noticed how some people are constantly trying to “one up” another person? Do you know some one like that? Have they sucked you into their mind games and made you mindlessly apart of their charade? 

Oh my goodness y’all! It’s super exhausting being in that sort of a rat race. Hey, I’m not dogging on anyone, I know plenty of people who do it. Too all of you that do, hey whatever man, you do you. But I just want to set the record straight,those are not my intentions, just leave me out of it. 

There’s a huge difference in constantly flaunting what you do and have and been doing, vs showing every once in awhile your big accomplishments. That’s awesome you are everyday doing great, but holding people down to rub it in their face is kinda over stepping boundaries. Just because Joe and Sally went and got a flashy brand new ____ ( you fill in the blank) does NOT mean you need to as well. I’m not judging I’m simply stating because I also see where people aren’t just showing off, that they have truely worked extra hard to posses their goal, this isn’t an everyday to them. 
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Brantley’s 3rd B-day (Paw Patrol)

So Brantley’s party was a couple weeks ago  now. It may not have been Pinterest worthy but it was definitely cute in my opinion. For planing it in a little less than 2 weeks, I’d say I did alright. I was a tad bite lazy this year due to being slightly exhausted from the baby, school, building our house, and other life events. Though I’d like to share with you several highlight pictures! Our theme this year ended up being the much loved  Paw Patrol. I swear we have seen every episode 3 zillion times. Brantley will sometimes quote along with the show.

Finding local Paw Patrol paty supplies was kinda difficult, either its a really popular party choice or its horribly stocked.
For being a last second cake it was okay, it wasnt at all what I had invisioned. Though when running out of time the hubs did a good job finding something on such short notice. Though we did some last second rearranging, helped some what too.
This year I made friends with Mr. Printer. Though all the cutting was not my cup of tea.
For being a home made pinata, wasn’t bad ey?! I can definatley do a DIY pinata post. It was so easy , just a little time consuming.