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VII code

Hey there friends,

Here lately I have been collaborating with my friends at VII code, pronounced vee two, they were so kind as to have sent me this luxurious eye cream.

I found it interesting that this particular product has a story in history. Created 200 years ago by a man named Bryne Victor who suffered from his own skin disease, came up with his own mysterious formula that cured himself. Later, he gave to Queen Josphine (wife of Napoleon) some as a gift, which she made it her own secret until death.

According to their Amazon listing the T2 Oxygen Eye cream 03.0 facilitates the healing and regeneration of damaged skin cells. It fades signs of aging, minimize fine lines and wrinkles. People have also said it has helped with dark circles, bag, and crows feet. It retails for $99 for 5ml container, they also recommend an all night eye mask to use with the cream that retails for  $55.

I wish I would have done before and after pictures so I could have a visual for you, but unfortunately that though did not cross my mind until too late. While I do not have any signs to reverse aging, fine lines, or wrinkles, I do believe this would be a good regamin to help prolong all of those. I do have dark circles and bags from being a mom though. I stay up way too late and while I do get to sleep in, not always get enough beauty sleep. With all that being said, I did experience a very refreshed sensation of my under eyes after application of my VII code. I also have noticed a slight difference in my dark circles.

I do look forward to continuing the use of VII code and seeing my future results. I would recommend this luxurious eye cream to my friends and family. 

I use mine day and night. First, clean your face. Second, use the activation strip to massage gently under and around your eyes to smooth and refresh. Third, dap cream until absorbed into your skin.

I’ve really enjoyed this product because there is no residue, I have sensitive skin and haven’t experienced any reaction.  You can go check it out here

As well as their Instagram: @viicodebeauty



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Lime Light Palooza Weekend

Hey all you lovely people,

   It’s definitely been a hot minute since I’ve posted. Life has had me so busy. I’m not sure about all you but my life could pass as a reality show, it never slows down and something intresting is always happening. No seriously, I don’t think you would actually believe everything that goes on in my life. 

Kutos to all the mamas and women who live and breathe blogging, all other social platforms and having a life. I’m not getting paid for it so I’m not gonna try to juggle so hard, but as much as I do already is a lot to keep up with. I’m not really sure how they do it, but good for them, I applaud all of you.

 So this weekend was quite eventful. It started on the Thursday for my family and myself. I was supposed to attend a training for  the Lime Light by Alcone Palooza. I brought the hubs and we left our kiddos (for the first time) to say with their grandparents till Sunday.

Leaving them for the first time over night(s) was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do as a parent.I’m sure other parents would have said the same) it’s not like they were down the road or anything. They would be 5 hrs away for like 4 Days. I made sure to have a full face of makeup on so I wouldn’t cry the moment they left me. Now I had watery eyes the entire time but only one tear fell, so I think I handled it pretty well, if I do say so mself. I felt a whirl of emotions, but mostly heartbreak. I knew they’d have fun and be okay, it was probably harder on me than any of them, but still hurt. Though, I won’t lie it was refreshing to have just my husband to myself, to go and do things just us like old times.

It was nice just being able to go into places and not take an hour to get a few things; I’d normally be getting everyone out, chasing kids, trying to focus and find what I need, handling meltdowns, getting completely side tracked, forgetting what I came for and getting everyone loaded back up. Its a job itself. So to go in and get out so quick was quit nice.

Like I mentioned earlier, I was supposed to be at Palooza Friday and Saturday. Though, I only made registration on Thursday night. Most of you probably dont know I have some anxiety problems. No, I dont take anything, no I haven’t been actually diagnosed but I know what a panic attack is. 

The first day, just getting to Austin for the event and being in the city made me super uncomfortable. I grew up in the suburbs of Dallas but since moving away I don’t exactly enjoy being back around loads of people. So after 10 minutes of looking for parking and walking how ever many blocks just to get to the hotel where this was taking place, then people everywhere already had my nerves on alert.

I don’t exactly know why I stress out and get so nervous but after my first episode back in 2012, it was so bad (story for another time), haven’t had one like it since but definitely not been the same since. I’ve really become more conservative, more of a loner and not good with large groups of people weather I know them or not. I get nervous/ anxious, just can’t handle it like I used too. 

Thursday night it started to happen. I was having a nice time with my husband, we had registered and found our hotel, dropped everything off, were now getting dinner. It was getting harder to breathe, my heart was pounding and my chest was starting to hurt. The anxiety was back. I can guarantee it was the city and first time being away from my babies like this.

Friday morning, I woke up fine but when Brandon and I went to breakfast and it was back. So I decided I would not attend my classes and just spend the day relaxing with the hubby. We shopped, went sight seeing and saw a movie. Also just bout got shot on our way to the hotel. There was lots of  construction in front of the hotel and some idiot kid trying to cut everyone else waved and point his gun as he passed, as if that was a good enough reason to cut everyone off. I bet he would have made his mom so proud… not.  For one of the most liberal city’s, this was a tad bit shocking, sure I’d expect this behavior in Monroe buy not Austin….Dangerous and Rude.

Anyways, as we got to our hotel Brandon and I were a tad shook up and angry about this encounter still. Saturday came about and we decided to just go ahead and make the 2 hr drive to Sea World to let lose and have fun, not to mention it has been about 5+ years since we had enjoyed a good roller coaster. It had been a long time since either one of us had been there. 

I didn’t make the palooza but I don’t feel I missed out on all that much. I got to spend so much needed alone time with my husband just us two and I’m very thankful for that. We got to strengthed our relationship and bond making memories, having him around helped take some anxiety away. I believe if he wouldn’t have came with me I would have been a miserable mess.

Our boys of course had fun with the Grands and I guess they were excited to see us but maybe a little mad too, BC neither one of them acted too excited to be reunited. Lol Branton actually tried to go back to his B-paw before we left. 

Things are still a little crazy due to the moving process, but I’m hoping within a month things will maybe calm down a bit.



Lottie Dazzle Cut Crease

In case you missed it, got another tutorial up for you! I did a recreation to a similar look but more bold, bright, colorful with my Lime Light by Alcone’s Lottie Dazzle Palette! Here’s the link!

Everyday Face w/ Lime Light

Last Night uploaded  the newest video! Watch to see how I apply my everyday face!

Using all my favorite Lime Light by Alcone products!




Whitening Sensitive Teeth At Home 

Hey everyone, 

Hope all is well in your world! Smile Brilliant. Have you heard of them? They are a store that is just like they sound, they are the cleaning, maintaning and whitening of the dentist but in the comfort of your own home. 

I partnered up with them to try their in home teeth whitening kit. After a little back and forth of trying to decide if this was right for me, because I’m not your average mouth, I decided to give it a go. My teeth are super sensitive and while yes, I want that beautiful glowing white smile, I can’t just go whiten my teeth like most of you. I chipped off half of one of my front teeth as a kid, so its been filled and doesn’t whiten. So my options are go have it redone to blend to match whiteness (which would eventually not match again, constant upkeep) , venieers, or whiten and just have a discolored front tooth. So I thought if worst came to worst I could have it blended, why not try professional whitening at home.

 So they first sent the molds for custom fitted trays, all I had to do was follow the easy directions to get the impressions and then send them back. About a week later I started whitening. I got my results about 2 months but thats only because I was doing the shortest amount of whitening time. 45 min every other day, sometimes two days between, since my teeth are so sensitive. I would desensitize, whiten, then desensitize again. Through the process my husband also threw away my tray on accident, but that was no problem. They sent my replacement tray and it actually ended up fitting better.

Y’all, I’m so glad I went with it, my cosmetic issue and sensitive teeth were not a problem. Now I could have kept going for whiter teeth but I don’t want it to be that obvious my tooth is chipped, you can already see its been chipped if you look hard enough. Im very satisfied with how they are as of right now. With Father’s Day quickly approching this would make a great gift, and since my husband never reads my blog I can without a doubt say this is what he is going to get. He’s hinted around since I was offered the collaberation opurtunity that he wanted to try it. Ya’ll better not go and tell on me now! Well here ya go, how to whiten sensitive teeth!

Oh I almost forgot to tell you keep an eye out for my giveaway! Yes, Smile Brilliant has been so kind to allow me to giveaway to one lucky winner their own kit! I also have a coupon code: bkelly20 for $20 dollars off your purchase. Be looking for this giveaway, it will open Tuesday June 6th at noon and will end noon CST Tuesday 13th. Open to USA, Canada, Uk, and Austrialia. Please be sure to follow me on instagram to see further details.



Check out all they have to offer!



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Tarteist Pro Look

Hey yall ,

get ready for some tutorials. Another one went up last night!  click the link to get the look

Bright Eyes Tarteist Pro Palette





Brow Routine + covering brow scar


Hey hey friends,

I’ve been pretty busy with day to day life, party planning, getting ready to move, starting a new business (another post to explain)..  Good thing blogging is just a hobby and not my job choice, haha.
So let me ask you a question. Who all struggle with brows? I’m kinda known for mine, as I have been told. I have to say in my opinion brows and winged liner is the hardest. But let me tell you something, you ready? IT GETS EASIER! The more you do it, the more you practice, the different techniques that you experiment with make easier in time. I’m not going to lie, there are some days when the struggle is real, but those are the days that you are perfecting your craft. So just keep pushing through. So I made a video and put it on YouTube on how I apply my brows daily. I’d like to add that I also have a scar in my left brow and I show you how I make it disappear like magic. So here’s the link

Anyways wishing all y’all a great rest of the day, chat soon.




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A Few Of My Favorite Things + GIVEAWAY

Hi friends,

 I just want to share a few of my favorite things, more of phyical this time, to share more about myself. A little bit of this and a little bit of that! Get through the list have a little surprise for ya😉.

1.     Tie between Lorac & Tarte

Haha yes the first thing is makeup. When I wear it I’ve noticed it can really give me an extra shot of confidence and a feel good attitude for the day. You wont look your best until you feel your best.

2.   Hell And High Water

I’m not even kidding, these shirts are so comfortable! I literally live in them. I have a more edgy style most days, so their perfect. Not to mention a portion of money on your sale goes to a good cause supporting kids who are well, going through hell and high water. No I’m not getting paid or anything for sharing, just love all my H&HW shirts.

3. Ottis Spunkmeyer Muffins

Oh my goodness! You haven’t had a muffin until you’ve had one of these! Suprisingly I like them all but the chocolate with chocolate chips are the BEST! Just add a chilled cup of orange juice and my morning is made.

4. Crochet

Not many people know I really enjoy crocheting. So happy my Granny Rita taught me when I was little. Its a good outlet to chill out and has taught me a bit of patience.

5. Crocs

Funny to think how much I prematurly hated these things. Everything about them, they ugliest things I had ever seen. Then I had to quickly find shoes one day to step outside and my husbands Croce were the only things around. From that instant I was in love with them and decided I needed a pair. I wear them all the time now… #momswag

6. Yoga

Guilty again of prematurely judging. I just seemed to think there was nothing too it. So when I was invited over and over again and finally tried it I loved it. Found it was a little more difficult than what I had imagined.


I love the smell of it, the look of it and anything built or made from it. Always have, i just got lucky to have married a man that owns a dock and deck company.

8. Lists

Now I’m not OCD or anything but have a little bit of an organized streak in me I guess. Have always like making lists and following written directions to the T.

9. Hats

I’m a little obsessed. Most days you’ll find me wearing a ball cap but love me a big floppy hat too. Been a little more concerned about staying outta the sun lately.

10. Iced Lemon Pound cake

Starbucks Iced Lemon Pound Cake! My goodness, tried my first one when I was in middle school and feel in love. Can not go to Starbucks and not have me a slice!

So in honor of me loving Hell and High Water clothing so much I’ve asked them if they’d be willing to collaborate with me. Well they so graciously agreed to a GIVEAWAY! Head over to the insta account for the details!




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