14 Weeks Pregnant update, Third Pregnancy

Hey Everyone!

I hope your all well and wonderful! Happy to say I am 14 weeks! One week officially in the second trimester! Though if you want to get completely accurate, I am actually 14 weeks and 3 days. LOL. But being my third pregnancy who is really counting, right? I was really hoping to do a post one the day itself, but my plans never go to plan, per say.  That particular day we happend to be traveling from Louisiana to the St. Croix in the Virgin Islands (whole different story). I mean, I’m currently waiting on my 13 weeks vlog to finish up loading to Youtube.

Anyways, most of my symptoms are about the same still, but added a few more.

-Still having to rely on medication to keep the morning sickness away

-Still constantly tired

-Still moody

-Still struggling with being hot and cold

-Still having food cravings and adversions

-Itching belly

-Constantly running to the restroom

-TMI….. aching sensitive breasts

-Cleaning like crazy

…… my list could continue but we gotta save some for the vlog, haha.


Which brings me to the next thing. My Vlog. I’m really loving it but at the same time it’s so hard to motivate myself to just do it, kind of like my weekly pictures. I’m gonna push through bc I really loved my documented pictures from the previous pregnancies. I really wish I would have had more though, I just never really thought of blogging the last one much less vlogging. It will be cool to look back on one day. I’m just kinda whipped out this time around constantly.

I had an check up last Thursday where I got to hear back about all my previous labs, which all came back fine. We got to see baby Brinson on the ultra sound, which I also filmed! The little one is growing right on track, we were hoping to find out the gender though my doctor said it was still too early(only a week earlier than when I found out with both my other pregnancies) though the legs were crossed so I can see how my chances were low to see anyway. So we are hoping to know for sure the gender by the next visit in 5 weeks. We have also been contemplating going to get a 3D ultra sound before but haven’t really made up our minds or just wait it out.

Not much else is really different, besides being in the Virgin Islands, at the moment be looking for my vlog to pop up soon! As well as another post on any of my other social platforms for more updates! Have a wonderful week my friends.






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