Whitening Sensitive Teeth At Home 

Hey everyone, 

Hope all is well in your world! Smile Brilliant. Have you heard of them? They are a store that is just like they sound, they are the cleaning, maintaning and whitening of the dentist but in the comfort of your own home. 

I partnered up with them to try their in home teeth whitening kit. After a little back and forth of trying to decide if this was right for me, because I’m not your average mouth, I decided to give it a go. My teeth are super sensitive and while yes, I want that beautiful glowing white smile, I can’t just go whiten my teeth like most of you. I chipped off half of one of my front teeth as a kid, so its been filled and doesn’t whiten. So my options are go have it redone to blend to match whiteness (which would eventually not match again, constant upkeep) , venieers, or whiten and just have a discolored front tooth. So I thought if worst came to worst I could have it blended, why not try professional whitening at home.

 So they first sent the molds for custom fitted trays, all I had to do was follow the easy directions to get the impressions and then send them back. About a week later I started whitening. I got my results about 2 months but thats only because I was doing the shortest amount of whitening time. 45 min every other day, sometimes two days between, since my teeth are so sensitive. I would desensitize, whiten, then desensitize again. Through the process my husband also threw away my tray on accident, but that was no problem. They sent my replacement tray and it actually ended up fitting better.

Y’all, I’m so glad I went with it, my cosmetic issue and sensitive teeth were not a problem. Now I could have kept going for whiter teeth but I don’t want it to be that obvious my tooth is chipped, you can already see its been chipped if you look hard enough. Im very satisfied with how they are as of right now. With Father’s Day quickly approching this would make a great gift, and since my husband never reads my blog I can without a doubt say this is what he is going to get. He’s hinted around since I was offered the collaberation opurtunity that he wanted to try it. Ya’ll better not go and tell on me now! Well here ya go, how to whiten sensitive teeth!

Oh I almost forgot to tell you keep an eye out for my giveaway! Yes, Smile Brilliant has been so kind to allow me to giveaway to one lucky winner their own kit! I also have a coupon code: bkelly20 for $20 dollars off your purchase. Be looking for this giveaway, it will open Tuesday June 6th at noon and will end noon CST Tuesday 13th. Open to USA, Canada, Uk, and Austrialia. Please be sure to follow me on instagram to see further details.



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