Brow Routine + covering brow scar


Hey hey friends,

I’ve been pretty busy with day to day life, party planning, getting ready to move, starting a new business (another post to explain)..  Good thing blogging is just a hobby and not my job choice, haha.
So let me ask you a question. Who all struggle with brows? I’m kinda known for mine, as I have been told. I have to say in my opinion brows and winged liner is the hardest. But let me tell you something, you ready? IT GETS EASIER! The more you do it, the more you practice, the different techniques that you experiment with make easier in time. I’m not going to lie, there are some days when the struggle is real, but those are the days that you are perfecting your craft. So just keep pushing through. So I made a video and put it on YouTube on how I apply my brows daily. I’d like to add that I also have a scar in my left brow and I show you how I make it disappear like magic. So here’s the link

Anyways wishing all y’all a great rest of the day, chat soon.




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