January Ipsy

Beauty lovers, 

How is everyone?  Who else received thiers  Ipsy super late? 

Well….mine got here the last week of January, I’m not sure why it got here so late. Im guessing the mail got a little lost? It didn’t leave much time to share this post. Let’s get started!

Now this time I’ve tested most of them. I have to say I loved their “on the go” theme, on the card. It was really a cute one.

So first, I’ll start off with the nail polish. This is from the brand Pretty Woman. I love this light pink color, though my problem is I’m not sure it has a name for the color? There is not a name on the bottle, I’m hoping the name wasn’t on the box because I’ve already thrown that away. Here’s my other problem. I haven’t really been wearing nail polish lately. This is simply because I haven’t exactly had all the time in the word with a toddler and a baby, so I just didnt want one more thing I’d have to keep up with.

Up next, Model Co Blush. This beautiful shade is Peach Bellini. I was excited when I first opened it, I liked it when I swatched it and loved it after I applied! When it comes to blush peach and plum tones are my favorite! I couldn’t be more satisfied with it, I mean it literally speaks for itself.

This little guy, I’m assuming to be a shadow from Mannakadar Beauty, in the shade Fantasy. And let me real quick say, I used it as both a shadow and a highlight, although I prefer it as my base highlight. This went beautifully with the Peach Bellini! I love finding Great pairs!

Oh my goodness y’all. I was super Happy when I saw Smashbox opening the bag. This  is the light/ medium camera ready BB cream. I wasn’t impressed with how off the color was. It seemed way dark for me and was quite orangey. I’ll leave it as I won’t be purchasing the smashbox bb cream…

Last but not leased, these two lovely masks. I haven’t tried them just yet. I’m waiting for the right moment when I can really relax and enjoy them. I guess you could say a special occasion. But seriously I do love a good mask, and though these look to be all in Chinese, they do have directions in English on the back. Really looking forward to these!

 Well that was it for today! Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!




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