Unusual place to shop

Hi all!

Tractor Supply. Yep, a pretty unusual place to shop, well for clothes at least for me. I mean I’m there all the time with my husband getting, well nuts,bolts, or whatever he’s there for. But not gonna lie I have been secretly digging their women’s apperal! Okay and their Hot Pink rubber boots! Those have got the be the cutest ones I’ve ever seen and they were 20 Bucks, seriously go get cha some. They look like this. Here is one of their tops I’m loving. At the moment I’ve really been into the dark army green, which may be mostly why I’m so into it. Though the strappy top and soft fabric are great too.




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Shirt –Como Vintage $26

Leggings – Forever 21  $4

Boots – Qupid ankle boots  $37


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