Elf Influenster VoxBox

Hey all my makeup enthusiasts!

I got a new voxbox in, and as you can see it was all beauty items. The goodies I got this time are my favorite ones to get! You can never go wrong with a little makeup. Elf is a drugstore cosmetic brand, but I’ve notice over the past few years they’ve really stepped up their game. They went from just ok cheap products to some really good quality products at a very affordable price point. Now, they offer skine care items. I did recieve all of these products from influenster, no charge, for testing purposes. Here’s what I got!

Hydrating Bubble Mask

I wasn’t sure if I was using this correctly the first time I tried it. You want your face damp , push down to pump out product, rub in circular motions, wait 5 minutes for bubbles to bring out dirt and oils. Sounds easy enough, right? Well never could get a good lather of bubbles but was still impressed with how clean an tight my face felt after.

Elf Mineral Primer

Now this one isn’t all that new, but definitely a must have in my opinion. I’ve actually compared this one to the MAC prep n prime and it is literally the same thing, well except for the price and packaging. 

This one I was surprisingly impressed with. I wasn’t sure how well the pigment payoff would be, because I have tried their shadows before and found that some had great pigment and others not so much. Swatched it for ya. Not bad eh?!

Lip Exfoliator
I was excited to try this one, particularly because it is a mint green color,just kinda drew me in. The last time I had tried it was brown, smelled as well as tasted like brown sugar and really messy. This time there not taste or smell. Im nit complaining at all, it gets the job done, my lips stay so frustratingly dry.  Though it does seem like it could be just as messy as it was before. 

Matte Lipstick

Last but not least I received the matte lip color in Wine. It’s such a  beautiful maroon shade. Definitely something I would have pickup to begin with, which I have tried these matte lippies before and really liked them then, for the record I still do. It wasn’t long lasting but the formula wasn’t where it was completely drying my lips out either. 

Well thats all today friends!




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