Dark brown to Platinum Blonde 

Now if you follow me on insta or on my facebook blognbeauty page you already know I went all blonde but still frequently being asked about my hair. So I just wanted to share with you real quick my transitions. Let me tell ya, they sure are good, lol your bout to see.

First off I’ll just quickly tell you what I did and what I used. And a quick disclaimer: I am NOT a professional nor do I claim to be.. but I have been messing with my hair mostly myself since I was 11-12ish. So I half way know what I’m doing.🙃

And I’ll just quickly add I could careless if its damage or not in the bleaching process, its going to happen and can be fixed with a ton of condition treatments over time I’ve found. It does take time though…

Here is how I started, I’ll do another hair journey but this is my brown to blonde post. 

Sorry in advance about the lighting. It’s aweful, the color isn’t completely true since it was real late. Therefore dark out, I had only bathroom lighting. Its looking more brassy than what it actually was, but don’t get me wrong there was a lot of orange going on. Bleached and toned. Then couple days went by, bleached and toned.

Btw…I decided to use all Wella products. The bleach, 20 vol. developer, T-18 toner. All Wella from Sally’s.

A week went by till i decided to bleach again. The third bleaching was done by a friend who wanted to do it, all same products used we only added olaplex into the bleaching and was talked into a cut.

Then I decided a week later to go for another bleaching at home. I was wanting white as my goal but I’m definitely loving where I’m at right now. It’s getting close. I’ll eventually get there to my white while my hair grows out, then transition back to the ombre bayalage. This is what it looks like a natural light! 

I’ll keep you updated if I decide to do anything else, but as of right now I’m pretty content with where my hair stands as of right now!

Have a lovely rest of the week! 




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3 thoughts on “Dark brown to Platinum Blonde 

    1. Your right it can and does. Like I said it does take time but hair conditioning treatments religiously and no heat styling did the trick for me. I can honestly say as of right now my hair looks and feels pretty healthy, I dont have many split ends and my hair is not fried.

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