I shaved my eyebrows

It just got real up on this blog! Truth just came out. I understand people have been doing this for awhile, that I’m not one of the first to do this. Before you freak out on me let me just say I only shaved half way, only the tail, up to the highest part. Though I’m really thinking about going further now…I know a little bit ago a lot of people in the beauty world did this, but this is my newest beauty secret! Now Y’all, I tried it and LOVED IT! With a capital ‘L’! 

Now I do normally get good feedback response on brows anyway but here recently it’s been phenomenal! I kid you not, just about everytime I walk out the door someone is mentioning “how Great” my brows are looking. And everytime they don’t even realize half of it is actually missing! So if your not scared and think you can handle it, go for it! If your not good at brows, we’ll hunny your bout to learn how to swim so you don’t sink or it will probably be a disaster, not even gonna lie. Cause without makeup your gonna be looking pretty scary with literally half of your brow being non existent, when it was literally just all there.

Let me tell you why I even decided to try this. The tail of my brows aren’t so hot to begin with. They’re patchy and no where near being even remotely similar to each other. That being said, I didn’t have much to loose to try it and it wasn’t the first time to cross my mind about it. Then one day randomly on YouTube seeing Jenna Marbles do it, I had to immideatly give it a try (though she took hers completely off). Hey I was already a pro with my brow game having hair and wanted to see if I was a pro without.

But not being a morning person nor the girl I used to be, with having a full face everyday anymore (babies happend) it never crossed my mind I’d have to commit to an everyday thing. It’s so worth it though. So learn from me if you don’t have the extra time to spend, at least on your brows, don’t do it. 

It’s been about 3 weeks and they have been growing back. 

As you can see here without the tail and being completely drawn on. Some days I want bigger bolder brows and other days I’m more laid back going with a medium thickness. As of right now and the passed, I’m not a fan of a skinny brow at least on myself. Big is Beautiful💕💕

So I don’t neccisarly have to have the same shape everyday If I don’t want to. I can get pretty creative if I feel the urge, which I have been playing around with lately. This is just my newest beauty experiment. Which by the way I have been using my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade and sometimes powders to achieve my look. So if you decide to do it let me know how it goes for you or if you have been doing this , what your thoughts are!

Hope your day is wonderful.



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