Pumpkin picking

The other day was a “first”. The first time pumpkin picking as a family of four, and the first time the baby set eyes on a pumpkin. I’m thinking he enjoyed it since he smiled just about the whole time.

Now that Brantley is old enough to start remembering, these memories are going to be special. I’m really enjoying the moments as much as he is. Just one look at his little face and you see all the joy in his eyes.  

The boys both got pumpkins, we obviously had to pick it out for the baby but Brantley picked his own. Of course it was a BIG one. I’m happy to announce they both were all smiles. Most of the time, we can’t make a trip anywhere without at least one melt down from one of the two. This time was a lucky one. We got threw it with no tears and nothing but good wholesome family fun.

I’ve got to say, this time was a lot more challenging getting pictures. I got enough , but not all the shots I wanted. So we’ll be making another trip. Here’s a few pictures I wanted to share though.😊

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