“One Up”

I think you know where this is going, don’t you?

For real, it’s so easy to be on social media and see so many silently screaming for attention with ‘look what I have!’, ‘no look what I have!’, ‘well I went here!, ‘oh but I did this!’…. you guys come on…

It’s not a competition really, everyone is just at different places in the journey we call life. The choices I make are for me to improve myself as a mother and as a wife, trying to be a better person. I’m not trying to impress anyone, much less ‘one up’. Let me be honest, I can’t afford it physically, emotionally, or mentally to keep up. I need to focus my energy on more important things, not be playing games. 
 Have you ever noticed how some people are constantly trying to “one up” another person? Do you know some one like that? Have they sucked you into their mind games and made you mindlessly apart of their charade? 

Oh my goodness y’all! It’s super exhausting being in that sort of a rat race. Hey, I’m not dogging on anyone, I know plenty of people who do it. Too all of you that do, hey whatever man, you do you. But I just want to set the record straight,those are not my intentions, just leave me out of it. 

There’s a huge difference in constantly flaunting what you do and have and been doing, vs showing every once in awhile your big accomplishments. That’s awesome you are everyday doing great, but holding people down to rub it in their face is kinda over stepping boundaries. Just because Joe and Sally went and got a flashy brand new ____ ( you fill in the blank) does NOT mean you need to as well. I’m not judging I’m simply stating because I also see where people aren’t just showing off, that they have truely worked extra hard to posses their goal, this isn’t an everyday to them. 
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