Glitter Collab + tutorial

Happy Saturday! This past week I worked on a collaboration with one of my good friends, Anastasia. From the title you should know what it is. It involved something most females are drawn to, as well as shines and sparkles. YASS , GLITTER! It was a little messy, but a lot of fun. Shoot, I don’t pass any opportunity to just play in makeup ( when I actually have time, which is most of my problems, time) , especially glitter! 

Annie’s :

You can follow more of her work on Instagram @anastasiaraujomakeup

You can also see her video here.

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Oh and if you have time, go check out the tutorial on how I did this look! It was super easy. I’m sure you already have this stuff. I also threw in a clip featuring Annie’s look! Click the picture to take you straight there!

Have a wonderful weekend beauties!❤️



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