Ootd: A night out

It’s Friday!

Here’s another outfit for ya! Being a mom of two little ones makes it a little difficult to actually dress up, especially being a mom of boys. My toddler is well, a toddler and he likes dirt. A lot. He’s just being a boy, he stays dirty and messy. Therefore I have a list of things I can’t wear, then comes a whole different list of “no-nos” for needing easy access to breastfeeding. 

Some times, you just have to add lace and heels for more of that feminine feel. Here I took a black lace bandeau bralette, added a loose fitting v-neck tee to go with black high waisted shorts. My favorite part is the over the knee lace up heels!

Bandeau – Target

Shirt – Buckle

Shorts – Sears 

Heels – Wish

I may have ” I can’t” lists but doesn’t mean I can’t have hot mom style ;). 

Have a wonderful rest of the week my friends!

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