Piñata DIY

Here it’s is! The piñata post! Super easy y’all, just a little time consuming. Just look how big it is, this sucker was heavy with all the goodies I stuffed into it. What’s funny is I put in a sweet spot and no one even got close to it, not to mention I thought it was going to break before I even got to set it up. It ended up being alittle too sturdy for the kids lol. 

Now I realize there is a paper-mâché version. Though I obviously went with the cardboard way simplify because I had a bunch of boxes and was in fear it would probably not hold up till his party if it was only glue and newspaper.

So Here’s how I did it, its super simple you guys.

You need:

  • Pencil/ pen/ marker
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors/ exacto knife
  • Masking tape
  • Glue
  • Twine
  • Crepe paper/ tissue paper/ streamers
  • Treats/ candy/ goodies
  1. Draw the outline of desired shape
  2. Cut out (2) for front and back 
  3. Cut out inch and half strips for the sides
  4. Tape sides to either front or back piece
  5. Add treats & goodies
  6. Tape remaining side
  7. Poke to hole in top for hanging string
  8. Decorate as desired

See easy as pie. Well maybe easier actually if you can’t bake? Lol.


Hope y’all enjoyed! Have an awesome week!

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