The Uppity Cosmetologist

Here lately I can’t keep seem to stay consistent. Not with just social media or blogging nor with my hair. One day with ombre, ends lightened till white, to purple,back to all brown, again with ombre, then to all blonde, also cut what seems like 5 inches so everyone would leave me alone about my dead ends(not that I even cared, I’m pretty convinced everyone just wanted me to cut it off), just thought I would be satisfied but no. The truth is I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied. It runs deeper. It’s definitely an addiction. Though it doesn’t start here it started a long time ago, we’ll save that for another time, though here within the last year I’ve been changing my hair a bunch.

 I’ll let you in on a little secret, I don’t have any plans on stopping anytime soon either. You see, obviously I’m not gonna let it fall out, but here’s the thing. Since it’s MY hair and I’m not absolutely head over heels in love with it, I WILL continue to do what I CHOOSE  till I’m 100% in love with it. Which is why I don’t enjoy trips to salons or many lisenced cosmetologist, i hate that they seem to have a tendency to do whatever THEY WANT. They end up chopping like a zillion inches off, to be an almost long bob if your lucky, of what was supposed to be a ‘Trim’. 

If I want splits ends, yes, I will keep MY split ends. You can tell me over and over until your blue in the face,  “Oh your ends! You need to cut this much off!” No, lady I know my hair better then you, I’ve revived and mended my hair before (sure it takes awhile) but I can do it again.

I’m sorry for being so blunt but I’m so tired of all these license cosmetologist thinking anyone who does not have a license are beneath them. For some reason they seem to think women like myself are completely incapable of doing our own hair. When just about every time I’ve went and had my hair done I don’t get what I asked for, even when I show them a picture. I’m talking about not even coming close.

I’ve been doing my own hair since I was like 10. Now I’m 22… I know what I want (well usually, but I know what I like) , and if anyone is going to screw my hair up it’s going to be me. I don’t mind rocking alittle brass, orange or yellow for a small amount of time. I know what’s on and under all that I’ve got going on, and I’m fine with doing it myself most of the time. 

In conclusion this is my hair and it will grow back it’s not a big deal. Ultimately it’s my hair. So sorry I’m not sorry, I don’t appreciate your wasted opinions on something I don’t even have to explain to you…

Here’s what it is for the moment.💕Have a wonderful weekend. 




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Mandy Lashes

Hey friends!

Happy Friday! I wanted to share my new favorite lashes I’ve fallen in love with! They are from Mandy Cosmetics. Amanda Azeredo, also a makeup artist, is the creator of these Canadian handmade 100% genuine mink eyelashes also 100% animal cruelty-free. Oh my goodness they all so beautiful! You have to go check them out for yourself! What I really love most is the fact they donate 5% of the earnings to the cancer research foundation.

My absolute favorite are the ‘Bombshell’ lashes! Check them out and get 10% off your order with the discount code “DUD10”. 

If you decide to get a pair let me know what you think!

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Motherhood: Survived through a tough night

Sorry for the lack of posts been trying to get back to normal. It’s that time of year again. The time of year of colds, flu and stomach bugs. Never fun, but real life happens. But then adding a toddler and new baby to the equation is the real deal. You think it’s hard being an adult without having mom there to help take care of you, to at least hold your hair back or get you a wet wash cloth…etc. (the husband doesn’t count, his stomach is too weak for anything gross) Then to have a light sleeping teething 4 month old and toddler all in the same room is a cause for disaster. 

 So not only are you just rushing to put your head in the toilet in the early hours in the morning, your also trying to not wake anyone. Haha but in this situation in my life, the baby wakes up the whole house because he feels that mom has slipped away. In turn the whole house wakes up. Sorry fam. So with the many back and forth trips to the bathroom is exhausting enough, I decided the best thing to do was bring the baby with. Into the bath seat baby went, while I curled up next to the toilet for the night. At that moment my thought was he can at least see me, which helped out somewhat. 

Anyways it was a long night I’ll spare you the rest of the details… but so glad it’s done and over. Now two days later I’m back to normal and busy busy again! 

Stay healthy my friends!


– Britt

Pumpkin picking

The other day was a “first”. The first time pumpkin picking as a family of four, and the first time the baby set eyes on a pumpkin. I’m thinking he enjoyed it since he smiled just about the whole time.

Now that Brantley is old enough to start remembering, these memories are going to be special. I’m really enjoying the moments as much as he is. Just one look at his little face and you see all the joy in his eyes.  

The boys both got pumpkins, we obviously had to pick it out for the baby but Brantley picked his own. Of course it was a BIG one. I’m happy to announce they both were all smiles. Most of the time, we can’t make a trip anywhere without at least one melt down from one of the two. This time was a lucky one. We got threw it with no tears and nothing but good wholesome family fun.

I’ve got to say, this time was a lot more challenging getting pictures. I got enough , but not all the shots I wanted. So we’ll be making another trip. Here’s a few pictures I wanted to share though.😊

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“One Up”

I think you know where this is going, don’t you?

For real, it’s so easy to be on social media and see so many silently screaming for attention with ‘look what I have!’, ‘no look what I have!’, ‘well I went here!, ‘oh but I did this!’…. you guys come on…

It’s not a competition really, everyone is just at different places in the journey we call life. The choices I make are for me to improve myself as a mother and as a wife, trying to be a better person. I’m not trying to impress anyone, much less ‘one up’. Let me be honest, I can’t afford it physically, emotionally, or mentally to keep up. I need to focus my energy on more important things, not be playing games. 
 Have you ever noticed how some people are constantly trying to “one up” another person? Do you know some one like that? Have they sucked you into their mind games and made you mindlessly apart of their charade? 

Oh my goodness y’all! It’s super exhausting being in that sort of a rat race. Hey, I’m not dogging on anyone, I know plenty of people who do it. Too all of you that do, hey whatever man, you do you. But I just want to set the record straight,those are not my intentions, just leave me out of it. 

There’s a huge difference in constantly flaunting what you do and have and been doing, vs showing every once in awhile your big accomplishments. That’s awesome you are everyday doing great, but holding people down to rub it in their face is kinda over stepping boundaries. Just because Joe and Sally went and got a flashy brand new ____ ( you fill in the blank) does NOT mean you need to as well. I’m not judging I’m simply stating because I also see where people aren’t just showing off, that they have truely worked extra hard to posses their goal, this isn’t an everyday to them. 
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Glitter Collab + tutorial

Happy Saturday! This past week I worked on a collaboration with one of my good friends, Anastasia. From the title you should know what it is. It involved something most females are drawn to, as well as shines and sparkles. YASS , GLITTER! It was a little messy, but a lot of fun. Shoot, I don’t pass any opportunity to just play in makeup ( when I actually have time, which is most of my problems, time) , especially glitter! 

Annie’s :

You can follow more of her work on Instagram @anastasiaraujomakeup

You can also see her video here.

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Oh and if you have time, go check out the tutorial on how I did this look! It was super easy. I’m sure you already have this stuff. I also threw in a clip featuring Annie’s look! Click the picture to take you straight there!

Have a wonderful weekend beauties!❤️


Ootd: A night out

It’s Friday!

Here’s another outfit for ya! Being a mom of two little ones makes it a little difficult to actually dress up, especially being a mom of boys. My toddler is well, a toddler and he likes dirt. A lot. He’s just being a boy, he stays dirty and messy. Therefore I have a list of things I can’t wear, then comes a whole different list of “no-nos” for needing easy access to breastfeeding. 

Some times, you just have to add lace and heels for more of that feminine feel. Here I took a black lace bandeau bralette, added a loose fitting v-neck tee to go with black high waisted shorts. My favorite part is the over the knee lace up heels!

Bandeau – Target

Shirt – Buckle

Shorts – Sears 

Heels – Wish

I may have ” I can’t” lists but doesn’t mean I can’t have hot mom style ;). 

Have a wonderful rest of the week my friends!

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Ootd: Mom Style

I’m enjoying the last of the warmer days with this causal outfit. But, I’m also embracing fall with boots and darker lips! This is pretty much my everyday casual style, I guess you could call it my mom style. Loose comfy shirts are my favorite so thankfully the boots make them look nicer, in my opinion.

Shirt – Forever 21

Shorts – Calvin Klein

Boots – Wet Seal

Hope it sunny and beautiful where you are!

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Xoxo -bkelly