Brantley’s 3rd B-day (Paw Patrol)

So Brantley’s party was a couple weeks ago  now. It may not have been Pinterest worthy but it was definitely cute in my opinion. For planing it in a little less than 2 weeks, I’d say I did alright. I was a tad bite lazy this year due to being slightly exhausted from the baby, school, building our house, and other life events. Though I’d like to share with you several highlight pictures! Our theme this year ended up being the much loved  Paw Patrol. I swear we have seen every episode 3 zillion times. Brantley will sometimes quote along with the show.

Finding local Paw Patrol paty supplies was kinda difficult, either its a really popular party choice or its horribly stocked.
For being a last second cake it was okay, it wasnt at all what I had invisioned. Though when running out of time the hubs did a good job finding something on such short notice. Though we did some last second rearranging, helped some what too.
This year I made friends with Mr. Printer. Though all the cutting was not my cup of tea.
For being a home made pinata, wasn’t bad ey?! I can definatley do a DIY pinata post. It was so easy , just a little time consuming.


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