Teaching our kids kindness

I’ve been noticing how my toddler is really picking up on things. He’s at the point where he’s starting to repeat everything he hears. It’s a little bittersweet. But I have to say I am so proud of him! Hes really been doing a fantastic job with his manners, sometimes I have to remind him but he understands when they need to be used.

 For instance when our ac went out and the ac repair man came he was caught saying “yes ma’am” when I asked him to pick up his toys , this came as a huge shock to the man. He wasn’t expecting  that to come out of his mouth.

 Or how the other day, when I was pulling up at the house, the mail man came around the corner to deliver our mail. I decided this would be a good example to bring to Brantley’s  (my toddler) attention, to bring the man a cold water. That small act of kindness not only affected the mail man but Brantley as well. Though the look on our mail mans face was completely pricless. The appreciation in his eyes (I may add it was 100 degrees outside, in Louisiana) especially coming from a child. That led to bringing some construction workers down the road some water too.

Now my kids were bound to have good manners and show kindness, my parents and were very adamant that we were to have this trait (then again I’m also a southern woman..well southern baptist) . So it was only natural for me to pass it on. I guess you could say it was really important to me to start him young. 

It’s so important to me because have you not noticed the kids these days? The mouths on them? The lack of attention they have been shown? The rudeness they possess? It’s is sweet music to my ears with every ‘yes ma’am’ , ‘no ma’am’, ‘please’, ‘thank you’, etc. I hear out of that sweet little boys mouth! Is it not to yours? These manners are infact love, respect, kindness. I feel it is my duty as a mother to model these actions to help teach him as he grows. I love teachable moments.

These are just a few of many more small acts of kindness and his manners, they will with no doubt continue to grow. These small generous acts could really up lift a broken spirit, help heal a hurt or something much more. Kindness matters all the time. We’re called to love others just as God loves us. To spread  the love means showing kindness and compassion to others.





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