Unexpected response

I find myself thinking a lot about what this lady infront of me at a checkout said to me a couple weeks ago… It might have been true, but it broke my heart. It caught me completely off guard. And I completely regret not doing something about it. 

I was checking out and kind of in a hurry, and I was in an extra cheerful mood that day. The line to check out was kind of long, though the line was moving quick. I had been staring off at some ice cream as the line was moving up. It became time for the lady ahead of me to load her shopping cart items on the conveyor belt. 

She all of a sudden turned around and went straight for the small ice cream snacks I had been eyeing. As she grabbed several, I cheerfully stated “Those do look really good, i thought about grabbing one as well.” I noticed this woman looked to be  pretty exhausted and it was not even 11 o’clock in the morning, I smiled as she looked up and made eye contact with me. I wasn’t expecting what came from her mouth. She said, ” yeah but the difference between you and me is you can afford them and I can’t. But still doesn’t stop me from getting them.” She smiled as she said it with an uncomfortable giggle. 

I stood there for a second analyzing what just happend. I was just trying to make small talk  and hoping just to make her smile. I had no idea how to react much less what to say back to her. Before I new it, the moment I had tried to at least make her smile had quickly passed and she checked out and was gone. 

I should have asked to pay for her grocerys or something. She may have been going through some hard times and all I could do, well did, was stand there completely blank. I regret it…it’s never a bad thing to go out of your way to help someone out. Though I wonder what exactly made her think that. Things aren’t always as they seem, how does she not I was struggling or if I wasn’t. I may not be rich but I may not be poor, though I’m doing alright and could have helped her out. 

My point is it’s not about the money it’s about just trying to brighten up someone’s day, to do good for someone other then yourself. I just want to see people happy, since we in some weird unfortunate times, whether or not it’s something big or something small. My intentions were good, next time I’ll be a bit more prepared for a response for that.




8 thoughts on “Unexpected response

  1. wow…well take it from someone that talks to people everywhere she goes haha! i can’t help myself but i don’t know if you could ever be ready for a response such as that….please do not regret though i have found that people can ‘afford’ what they want to. Meaning if money is so tight I’d think she would more inclined to buy food for meals more than treats. if she truly couldn’t afford them then she wouldn’t have been grabbing them up I doubt. your heart, however, is most definitely in the right place. She was wrong to judge you because really she has no idea maybe you weren’t buying them because you couldn’t afford them and you have your priorities to think of. Sometimes your good intentions dont quite work out the way you plan but thats ok just as long as you dont stop being who you are! Its a nice thing to talk to someone and want to make them smile! 🙂

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      1. omg honey are you kidding ahahaha im not joking i say anything and talk to anyone in line or the ladies room you name it i get weird things said to me all the time just like odd things that use to affect me but now im at a better place with myself and just when it happens i just say in my head ‘im glad im me’ you truly just dont know what another person has going on in their life or the mental status even haha i mean really but it will never stop me from being nice and kind or trying to help them. i come back now saying compliments to them if they reply something kind of odd or weird hahahhaha it works everytime. could be something when she said that thing to you maybe i would have said oh look at those sneakers super cute on you. hahaa or omgoodess whatever shampoo you use smells awesome. hahaha i know it sounds nuts but it pulls you right out of their weirdness and right back into you just being friendly then i just walk it off! sometimes its comes down to youve got to save yourself! ahhaa oxoo

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      2. Haha that makes since I’m definitely gonna try that next time! Lately I’ve been trying to shed a little extra kindness, I love people like you who talk to everybody , if only there where more!

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      3. Yes i like to make others feel comfortable to just be who they are life has its tough times i just think if we all connect and let each other know we are more alike then not the day just gets a liddle brighter. I am glad to know you bkelly! keep shining your light honey! XO!

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