Mom Probs: Screaming Baby In Car Seat

Hey friends ,

So today I wanted to talk about screaming babys, but specifically to the car seat and car rides. Anyone else heard of this or have/had this problem. I had know idea this was a thing. People always say ‘if your have a fussy baby who won’t sleep to take them for a car ride or put them in their car seat on top of the dryer’ , you heard that one too right? That was my first one he’d fall right asleep, not the case for the second. He wakes up as soon as he’s put in the car seat.

Obviously from the title of this post he screams, but hear me out he literally screams till he gets out. Branton absolutely no doubt about it hates being restrained and buckled in the car seat. In or out of the car. 

This started when he was almost 2 months. Out of no where, just all of a sudden, stated wailing out of control. We have tried toys, music, talking to him, singing to him, light up singing mirrors, being in the third row loving on him, adjusting straps, taking out seat cushions, adjusting angle positions of the carrier base… Nothing works. Imagine how our 5 hour trip to Dallas was… I’ll just say it was a looonnnggggg ride, that’s not happening again. I’m not going to go on any out of town trips till this ends. This is the kinda thing that makes you want to stay home and not go ANYWHERE. But I will add over the last couple weeks, sometimes (not much) if I’m back there with him and talking to him he’ll listen but still be fussing. So back to riding backseat with the kiddos for awhile, well at least when Dads around. Kinda on my own during he day.

This is apparently normal, and somewhat common. Unfortunately it’s probably gonna be one of those things he’ll have to grow out of. Right now the only thing that’s giving me hope is time. I’m trying to make the most of it, this is his first few months, he’s only growing bigger everyday. That to say the least is passing a lot quicker then the first time around. Till I have some solution I ask for your prayers, more so of peace for my little guy then myself, while we are riding and suffering from what many others suffer from in the car. Screaming baby.



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2 thoughts on “Mom Probs: Screaming Baby In Car Seat

  1. Wow, I sympathize with you! Per I remember a child in my care that would cry & wail every time I put them in the stroller to go for a walk….After several bribes with snacks & bottles, & MANY prayers…they did grow out of it thankfully 🙂

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