Lorac pro highlight & contour palette

Hey there friends!

I hope your having a wonderful week! I just thought I’d share my favorite contour palette! Now Lorac is one of my favorite brands. So that might make me a little biased, but don’t get me wrong I like trying new things. But this post is all about the Lorac Pro Contour palette. 

I love the shades of the colors; I feel like this palette is pretty universal. This contour palette is powder but feels so creamy, just look at these swatches. You can literally see how velvety these shades are for yourself!

I also use the contour shades for eyeshadow when I’m on a time crunch and need to do a quick natural eye look. I know this isn’t a new palette but it’s definitely my favorite. I use it everyday, mainly because of the contour colors. It’s so lightweight and buildable. Whether I want a subtle contour or a deep dramatic one, this contour palette is gonna get me there. The only thing that I don’t really like is the shimmer highlight, I mean it’s okay but only okay. I’m not really a fan of a white highlight… It could be better. When it comes to highlights I’m a becca cosmetic girl all the way, I just haven’t found anything that compares. Other than that I love everything from the packaging  to the way it goes on and everything in between! 

The contour brush that comes In the package is just a bonus, which I really enjoy as well. I’ll put a link in for my Lorac highlight and contour tutorial so you can see my daily routine!

Be sure to check out my tutorial!


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