Brantley’s 3rd B-day (Paw Patrol)

So Brantley’s party was a couple weeks ago  now. It may not have been Pinterest worthy but it was definitely cute in my opinion. For planing it in a little less than 2 weeks, I’d say I did alright. I was a tad bite lazy this year due to being slightly exhausted from the baby, school, building our house, and other life events. Though I’d like to share with you several highlight pictures! Our theme this year ended up being the much loved  Paw Patrol. I swear we have seen every episode 3 zillion times. Brantley will sometimes quote along with the show.

Finding local Paw Patrol paty supplies was kinda difficult, either its a really popular party choice or its horribly stocked.
For being a last second cake it was okay, it wasnt at all what I had invisioned. Though when running out of time the hubs did a good job finding something on such short notice. Though we did some last second rearranging, helped some what too.
This year I made friends with Mr. Printer. Though all the cutting was not my cup of tea.
For being a home made pinata, wasn’t bad ey?! I can definatley do a DIY pinata post. It was so easy , just a little time consuming.


Teaching our kids kindness

I’ve been noticing how my toddler is really picking up on things. He’s at the point where he’s starting to repeat everything he hears. It’s a little bittersweet. But I have to say I am so proud of him! Hes really been doing a fantastic job with his manners, sometimes I have to remind him but he understands when they need to be used.

 For instance when our ac went out and the ac repair man came he was caught saying “yes ma’am” when I asked him to pick up his toys , this came as a huge shock to the man. He wasn’t expecting  that to come out of his mouth.

 Or how the other day, when I was pulling up at the house, the mail man came around the corner to deliver our mail. I decided this would be a good example to bring to Brantley’s  (my toddler) attention, to bring the man a cold water. That small act of kindness not only affected the mail man but Brantley as well. Though the look on our mail mans face was completely pricless. The appreciation in his eyes (I may add it was 100 degrees outside, in Louisiana) especially coming from a child. That led to bringing some construction workers down the road some water too.

Now my kids were bound to have good manners and show kindness, my parents and were very adamant that we were to have this trait (then again I’m also a southern woman..well southern baptist) . So it was only natural for me to pass it on. I guess you could say it was really important to me to start him young. 

It’s so important to me because have you not noticed the kids these days? The mouths on them? The lack of attention they have been shown? The rudeness they possess? It’s is sweet music to my ears with every ‘yes ma’am’ , ‘no ma’am’, ‘please’, ‘thank you’, etc. I hear out of that sweet little boys mouth! Is it not to yours? These manners are infact love, respect, kindness. I feel it is my duty as a mother to model these actions to help teach him as he grows. I love teachable moments.

These are just a few of many more small acts of kindness and his manners, they will with no doubt continue to grow. These small generous acts could really up lift a broken spirit, help heal a hurt or something much more. Kindness matters all the time. We’re called to love others just as God loves us. To spread  the love means showing kindness and compassion to others.




First Day of Fall!

Happy First Day of FALL!! 

Fall, Autumn what ever you call it, it’s here! Can you tell things are starting to change? Well here in Louisiana I’ve notice cooler mornings, and shorter days forsure. The weather man even claims for cooler weather approaching! It’s been in the high 90’s so I’m really looking forward to anything under the the 80’s. Can you tell I’m excited!? Well I am! Fall is my FAVORITE season! Summer heat comes to an end, I get to break out my leggings and sweaters, the leaves change colors and fall, and the food! Oh my goodness the food!! Don’t even get me started we can just leave it as good food, good bakes just all around good eats. Though this is the time I tend to spend the most time outside, it’s just to beautiful not to be enjoying it. There’s just so much to love about fall. I’ve decided this year I want to keep my toddler busy with activities, so I’ve found a list of things we plan to accomplish while it’s fall with the kiddos!

What’s your favorite part of fall?

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Unexpected response

I find myself thinking a lot about what this lady infront of me at a checkout said to me a couple weeks ago… It might have been true, but it broke my heart. It caught me completely off guard. And I completely regret not doing something about it. 

I was checking out and kind of in a hurry, and I was in an extra cheerful mood that day. The line to check out was kind of long, though the line was moving quick. I had been staring off at some ice cream as the line was moving up. It became time for the lady ahead of me to load her shopping cart items on the conveyor belt. 

She all of a sudden turned around and went straight for the small ice cream snacks I had been eyeing. As she grabbed several, I cheerfully stated “Those do look really good, i thought about grabbing one as well.” I noticed this woman looked to be  pretty exhausted and it was not even 11 o’clock in the morning, I smiled as she looked up and made eye contact with me. I wasn’t expecting what came from her mouth. She said, ” yeah but the difference between you and me is you can afford them and I can’t. But still doesn’t stop me from getting them.” She smiled as she said it with an uncomfortable giggle. 

I stood there for a second analyzing what just happend. I was just trying to make small talk  and hoping just to make her smile. I had no idea how to react much less what to say back to her. Before I new it, the moment I had tried to at least make her smile had quickly passed and she checked out and was gone. 

I should have asked to pay for her grocerys or something. She may have been going through some hard times and all I could do, well did, was stand there completely blank. I regret it…it’s never a bad thing to go out of your way to help someone out. Though I wonder what exactly made her think that. Things aren’t always as they seem, how does she not I was struggling or if I wasn’t. I may not be rich but I may not be poor, though I’m doing alright and could have helped her out. 

My point is it’s not about the money it’s about just trying to brighten up someone’s day, to do good for someone other then yourself. I just want to see people happy, since we in some weird unfortunate times, whether or not it’s something big or something small. My intentions were good, next time I’ll be a bit more prepared for a response for that.



Fall Favorites Giveaway

Hey y’all! 

Been working on something exciting with some fellow bloggers! These lovley ladies and myself have teamed up with our fall favorites to share with you! You interested yet?! Haha well you better be! 😉 We each are contributing our favorite things for fall obviously! Why not get in on this you have absolutely nothing to lose!💋✌🏼️

Sarah McCaul of SarahRileyRose
  I blog about lifestyle and fashion finds for the everyday fashionista. I love to mix patterns and styles and enjoy edgy looks paired with feminine textures. You’ll also find me blogging about some of my other passions, such as my music and volunteering endeavors. My motto is that life can be fun, but it’s even more fun when you’re wearing sequins!

 My fall fave giveaway item: I’m sharing the Ella Fitzgerald Beaded Wrap Bracelet! This Stunning handmade leather triple wrap bracelet is so fabulous as a fall accessory. Tan leather with black, green and gold Japanese Miyuki beads, combined with two rows of rainbow crystals – it doesn’t get much more beautiful than this! Pair it with a cold shoulder dress, a killer wide-brimmed hat and some fun booties and you’ve got yourself a chic and fall-ready look that’s sure to impress. 

Brittany of

Fashion Lover, Target Addict, and Personal Stylist. My blog is a reflection of the #momlife I’m currently living. I’m a mother of boys- Cash and Brando, and when I’m not killing the mommy style game, you can find us baking, decorating, or crafting. Also sometimes I’m funny, at least I think so.

Tamara of Something Inspired
  A blog about motherhood, style and inspiration in the little things along the way.



Kherington McFarland of The Kierra Quinn 

The Kierra Quinn is a Mom and Mini Lifestyle blog that features myself and my 1 year old daughter, Bentlee. Our blog is full of style tips, OOTD’s, personal product favorites, and my experience of being a first time mom. 

What I’m contributing to the giveaway are a few of my Fall Favorites by NYX Cosmetics and Essie. When fall comes around I like to amp up my beauty routine in the form of a bold lip and nails. I have included NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede in the shade Kitten Heels and Intense Butter Gloss in the shade Tres Leches, along with Essie Gel Couture Polish in the shade Model Clicks. 

Ana of The Blushing Mama
My name is Ana, a working mama to a sweet and sometimes sassy one year old. In my blog The Blushing Mama I write about my experiences as a new mom, beauty and style for the working mamas or busy women out there. If you know me you know I love nails! For the giveaway I got three of my favorite nail polish colors from Essie along with the The Nudes palette that is perfect for fall!

Brittany of Bkelly8801
 Hey friends, the name is Brittany. I write a blog that goes by Bkelly8801. You’ll find tips, reviews, real time daily life of motherhood and all things beauty!

I’m contributing my favorite brand of mascara, Too Faced Better Than Sex, I’ve finally came around to enjoy this one because of it being waterproof. Super excited to be part of this giveaway! Good Luck to all!

Hanna of Platforms and Pacifiers
  I’m a wife, and mother of two littles, a 3 year old and a 4 month old. While a large portion of my days are spent with the kids I also write a blog called Platforms and Pacifiers, on Platforms and Pacifiers you’ll find DIYs, Style and Kid friendly activities!

My contribution to our Fall Favorites Giveaway is a DIY Fall Wreath Making Kit! Included in the kit is everything you need to make your own Fall Wreath, such as burlap, ribbon, flowers and wire cutters.

As you can see there is something for everyone. Ladies don’t miss this! Check my insta later tonight for additional info! Good luck my friends!

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Hey all my beauties!

If you know me, you know I love makeup, I love to create! I guess that’s why I’m a makeup artist, but just wanted to share with you all my favorite eye look. The cutcrease! In all the many ways to do it, super intense and dramatic or my version of soft and more simple it’s my go to look! 

Here’s some of my cutcrease looks!

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I hope all is well with everyone, I’ve kinda been MIA on all my social media platforms, I’m so sorry. Here lately I’ve been in just a blah mood. Not to mention trying to adjust, as well as help my son adjust to going to school. I guess you could say I’ve been a little stressed and busy. I’m used to going to bed late and getting up at like 10. Now I’m trying to get to bed soon (not working out too well) and getting up at 6am. It’s quite difficult I’m definitely not a morning person. 

Just trying to get into the swing of a routine again, it’s been awhile.




Mom Probs: Screaming Baby In Car Seat

Hey friends ,

So today I wanted to talk about screaming babys, but specifically to the car seat and car rides. Anyone else heard of this or have/had this problem. I had know idea this was a thing. People always say ‘if your have a fussy baby who won’t sleep to take them for a car ride or put them in their car seat on top of the dryer’ , you heard that one too right? That was my first one he’d fall right asleep, not the case for the second. He wakes up as soon as he’s put in the car seat.

Obviously from the title of this post he screams, but hear me out he literally screams till he gets out. Branton absolutely no doubt about it hates being restrained and buckled in the car seat. In or out of the car. 

This started when he was almost 2 months. Out of no where, just all of a sudden, stated wailing out of control. We have tried toys, music, talking to him, singing to him, light up singing mirrors, being in the third row loving on him, adjusting straps, taking out seat cushions, adjusting angle positions of the carrier base… Nothing works. Imagine how our 5 hour trip to Dallas was… I’ll just say it was a looonnnggggg ride, that’s not happening again. I’m not going to go on any out of town trips till this ends. This is the kinda thing that makes you want to stay home and not go ANYWHERE. But I will add over the last couple weeks, sometimes (not much) if I’m back there with him and talking to him he’ll listen but still be fussing. So back to riding backseat with the kiddos for awhile, well at least when Dads around. Kinda on my own during he day.

This is apparently normal, and somewhat common. Unfortunately it’s probably gonna be one of those things he’ll have to grow out of. Right now the only thing that’s giving me hope is time. I’m trying to make the most of it, this is his first few months, he’s only growing bigger everyday. That to say the least is passing a lot quicker then the first time around. Till I have some solution I ask for your prayers, more so of peace for my little guy then myself, while we are riding and suffering from what many others suffer from in the car. Screaming baby.



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5 Tips For Sad Moms With Young Kids Gowing Back To School

I don’t know if your anything like me, but this is the second time I have had to let my baby go back to class, and who ever said it gets easier lied! It was just as hard as it was last year. If anything I almost think it was a tad bit harder, though I’m not sure if it’s because I got used to having him around all the time or the fact he’s a big help with the baby… But it definitely hurt a little more when I walked out of the classroom yesterday morning.  

It might be that I’m selfish for the fact that I want my little guy all to myself  but this is a good thing, Brantley is learning and socializing. So for that here’s some helpful tips to help you get through your day. 

1.Hug Kiss and Say Goodbye
This is implimented in our wee school, and I must say it does help. A quick goodbye is always easier then a long drawn out one.

2.Distracting yourself

Keeping busy with grocery shopping, cleaning, or maybe a DIY. Just something that needs to be done or something you enjoy doing to help relax you.

3.Talking it out

I’m pretty close with my dad and when I’m having a bad day or upset about something, he is the first one I call. He always knows just how to cheer me up and take my mind off things.


Now I know not everyone has the same beliefs as I do but I’m a firm believer in Jesus Chirst, and just praying for strength and guidance does a lot for me.

5.Truth and Reminders

The fact that my child is safe, happy, learning, growing, socializing.. are things I have to constantly remind myself. Like I said before this good for him, a bunch of benefits come from my son being in a early learning environment and being able to attend school.
We can’t be with out babies 24/7, they have to learn and grow on there own without us always hovering over them all the time. If we just do want we think is best to guide them in the right direction and to be the best they can be is what counts. Some people are just put in their lives to help teach them what they can’t learn from you. They’ll be okay, and you’ll see them after several hours.  

Hope this helps releave some or your axiety and sadness.