Ulta mini haul

So I’ve had these babies sitting around for a little bit and haven’t really done much with them because I wanted to do a post on them. All three I’ve heard way too many good things, so now it’s my turn to test them out and tell you about them. I was thinking about doing a first impressions with the foundation. 

Can I just express my feelings for the highlights real quick?!

It’s the Anistasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Sun Dipped. My first impression of it just okay , sure I liked the color ranges they had but was not all that impressed. Now a friend of mine even had one and when I first swatched hers I liked them but still wasn’t fully committed to buy my own. Some time later I decided to give it a second chance when I was in ulta when this one young lady stopped me to rave about it. When I got it home and played around I started to really like it. It really surprised me how much it grew on me! Let me get you some swatches.❤️

Now for the mascara.. Hear it comes. I was so super pumped! I was madly in love with just the regular Better Than Sex , why wouldn’t I feel the same, if not more for the waterproof? I mean come on I had been waiting for it to come about since the regular one came out. So here’s the shocker. Everyone talked about how much they loved it! Even my friends! I was so let down when I tried it for myself! It wasn’t like the regular one , it Did Not make my mediocre lashes look fabulous like the normal one, to be honest it was just okay, it reminded me of just any old drugstore mascara. Not to mention the waterproof they spoke of wasn’t so great either. I still had black raccoon streaks down my face as if it wasn’t even waterproof… Let’s just say I’m more or less dissatisfied with it.

And the foundation I’m excited to share with you a first impressions video that I will link from YouTubewhen I get it filmed. I’m hopping Toofaced isn’t gonna let me down again this time.

Too Faced Born This Way in shade Light Beige

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