Potty trained

Hey friends! Happy Sunday! 

My little man is officially potty trained!! Hallelujah! That cause for a serious celebration. Let’s be real, that’s a huge mile stone accomplished! But I have an almost 3 month old so I’m not outta the woods quite just yet.

I wanted to wait a couple weeks just to make sure this was the real deal! It’s been just about a month without diapers and three weeks without pull-ups. Here’s the real kicker though,  we’ve had our new little big boy in undies all day long. The last two weeks have strictly undies day and night! Sure he has a small accident every now and then but he’s still new to the big boy game. And well, who’s to say that won’t happen anyway? I still hear about 7-8 year olds still wetting the bed; so the fact that he’s 2 and not wetting the bed is fantastic to me. 

You know, to be honest I didn’t think this would happen like this, this fast. I’ve been trying since he was about to turn 2 to potty train, but not been pushing too hard. He new when he needed to go, he was just to lazy to stop what he was doing to go. Not to mention, I was slacking on helping him out because I had no clue where to begin.

Let me tell you, not one of the “potty train your kid in a week” methods worked for us. All kids are different, so I assume it’s always gonna be guessing and checking for what ever works for your child. Here’s what worked for us. It was pretty simple. Let him run naked all day, and rewarded with one Hershey Hugs when he pees , 2 for poops and 3 for both. Being that he is two and he can count to ten, this he understood as well. Brantley  already pretty much had the idea from being in the bathroom all the times before that the toilet is where you do your business. The very first time he told me he had to poop with diapers on early on was a start so we celebrated and praised him and followed up with the candy. I do take full responsibility for the fact that I allowed him to be lazy with not wanting to go all the time, also just lack of knowledge on how to potty train and a boy at that.  That was completely my fault. It’s all water u see the bridge now though, now that he’s got it down.

Wish I had a fool proof guaranteed set of instructions for you to make your life a ton and a half easier but I don’t. All I gotta say is stay positive because if you get frustrated your child will too and it will spook them from training. You also need a reward and lots of praise. Don’t forget time and patience then you’ll be good as golden. 

Best of luck to all you parents of toddlers and babies. If you have any tips and tricks feel free to share. 
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Till next time all me best!




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