Random fact: you can not apply to be Miss Louisiana if your a mom or have or been married…
Hmm, I was not interested in it but for some reason it makes me feel a tab bit offended? ….

Does it really matter if your a mother or married or been married if your between the ages of requirements? I’m just not quiet understanding why it’s an issue.. Even if I was interested in doing a pageant because I have a legal partnership with a piece of jewelry on my finger or the fact that I have two kids (makes me really disqualified😂) already rejects me from an application. So I was blessed to skip by with little to no stretch marks, so I have a man that loves me by my side supporting me. How on earth is that a reason to disqualify someone. I thought the whole idea of a Pageant Was to find some incredible,smart, talented, inspiring woman? Is it not? Is it really just about how they look and the extracurricular activities they are involved with. Shouldn’t the fact that they have had more life experience with one of these issues qualify them more? I’m just saying there are plenty of mothers and wives that do all that and more and look just as good as all the girls and women who aren’t/haven’t been married or had children… 

Maybe I’m missing something but that’s so aggravatingly rude.

I’d love to hear some thoughts.



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