Salad despair

Hey, hello friends,

Hope everyone’s week is going good. Let’s talk food, not a normal topic for me… But I have to say today at Chickfila, was a huge let down. I love Chickfila. If you know me personally you know this. All I talk about is their Spicy Southwest chicken salad! This salad is a little piece of heaven in your mouth, if you haven’t ever tried it… Well I’m so sorry your missing out! I wasn’t even a salad person but after this one , goodness , my mouth is watering just talking about it. It’s seriously amazing, this is how amazing it is..ready? I CRAVE IT! Yes that’s right, CRAVE! With a capital ‘C’ like an addiction! Just like I crave water. Just go eat it and you’ll know what I mean. So they have like 3 different salads, and I hadn’t tried the other 2. I had been hearing the Cobb salad was just as good. I had been trying to try it for ehhh, I don’t know maybe the past month but just couldn’t bring myself to give up the Spicy Southwest…. Until today. Let me tell you, it was painful giving it up. But then, just then when I took the first bite of the Cobb… My spirits were immediately, IMMEDIATLEY crushed.

I was so let down, it came nowhere near what people had spoke about it… Funny to think I was crushed over a salad? But the sad truth was, yes I was. A terrible way to end my day. To think that Cobb even had the avacodo salad dressing that’s so delicious, and it still didn’t compare to the Spicy Southwest. That avacodo one is bomb too.. Just didn’t cut it for me though… 

Till next time, I give you my best💋




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