Ulta mini haul

So I’ve had these babies sitting around for a little bit and haven’t really done much with them because I wanted to do a post on them. All three I’ve heard way too many good things, so now it’s my turn to test them out and tell you about them. I was thinking about doing a first impressions with the foundation. 

Can I just express my feelings for the highlights real quick?!

It’s the Anistasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Sun Dipped. My first impression of it just okay , sure I liked the color ranges they had but was not all that impressed. Now a friend of mine even had one and when I first swatched hers I liked them but still wasn’t fully committed to buy my own. Some time later I decided to give it a second chance when I was in ulta when this one young lady stopped me to rave about it. When I got it home and played around I started to really like it. It really surprised me how much it grew on me! Let me get you some swatches.❤️

Now for the mascara.. Hear it comes. I was so super pumped! I was madly in love with just the regular Better Than Sex , why wouldn’t I feel the same, if not more for the waterproof? I mean come on I had been waiting for it to come about since the regular one came out. So here’s the shocker. Everyone talked about how much they loved it! Even my friends! I was so let down when I tried it for myself! It wasn’t like the regular one , it Did Not make my mediocre lashes look fabulous like the normal one, to be honest it was just okay, it reminded me of just any old drugstore mascara. Not to mention the waterproof they spoke of wasn’t so great either. I still had black raccoon streaks down my face as if it wasn’t even waterproof… Let’s just say I’m more or less dissatisfied with it.

And the foundation I’m excited to share with you a first impressions video that I will link from YouTubewhen I get it filmed. I’m hopping Toofaced isn’t gonna let me down again this time.

Too Faced Born This Way in shade Light Beige

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Stay beautiful my lovelies!




Mom probs: Lactation Journey part 1

Hey y’all! 

If you follow me on insta, I have already introduced you some what to this problem I have been struggling with. So here I’ll go into more depth with my situation. Now I’m only sharing this with you to help you out if you are having the same problem as me. So if it helps , well that’s fantastic, if you doesn’t keep your head up and keep trying things. 

My problem started when my little guy was born. He was jaundice from being a month early. He looked it from the beginning and I literally asked the ignorant nurses the entire hospital stay about if my baby had jaundice 100 times. They kept telling me he was fine, maybe a little. But that was pretty much it. They didn’t do much of anything about it. So we kept breastfeeding, then by our first doctor appointment the pediatrician was freaking out that his levels were higher then they needed to be. We were immediately send to do labs. Let me tell you that was a nightmare in itself  they killed Branton’s little finger bc they DID NOT have the right equipment for drawing blood from his heel. They had to prick his finger and fill two tubes… I kid you not they  pushed 30 minutes on his finger trying to get blood out and couldn’t even get enough, that didn’t surprise me he was only like 3-4 days old. It was so hard to sit through and watch. Anyways, ended up having it redone and switched pediatricians, that’s a whole different story though. 

So I got put strictly on formula and was told to pump.  I was to pump everytime baby ate. I’ll be honest I didn’t have the time to be pumping that much. Trying to keep the house up, keep up with my toddler, deal with two dogs (one which is a untrainable yorkie who pees and poops in the house at least once a day)  and a new baby was just getting to be too much without any help. So yeah I didn’t pump much , maybe once a day if I was lucky. That’s a lot of stress, which in turn made me loose my milk supply. I would pump for over an hour and not even get half an ounce. 

Eventually I got the okay to both supplement and breast feed, I got some of it back. Then I was able to breast feed more after we got our levels down and gone. And that’s basically where I’m at now trying different things to get it back. Yes I pump some but lately been trying these: 

  • Mothers Milk 
  • Oatmeal
  • Flaxseed 

I’m not gonna lie to you the Mothers milk tea is pretty awful, the only way I can get it down is with a ton of honey and chilled. Even like that I have to chug it. It’s that bad. If you ever smell it, it tastes exactly like that but 10 times worse since it’s so strong.

I’ve been trying to have oatmeal everyday at least once, like for breakfast or a snack and adding flaxseed to it. I have also been putting it in like everything’s once it finest have a taste and had so many health benefits. Though the Oatmeal flaxseed cookies are pretty good. I’ll give you the recipe! My batch made 30 cookies. I even thought about adding cranberries. 

Over all I have noticed a slight increase in my milk supply I know this is going to take work. Some days are better then others it seems but I’m getting like 2-3 onces from each side right now. I will update y’all in a couple weeks and also do another post on ways to increase lactation, with what you an eat and do!

Ladies try to keep your heads up and stay positive, worry really only makes it worse or so I have experienced. It doesn’t make you any less of a mother, and it’s not your fault. I have  had a few melts downs over not being able to provide for my son. But yes, just as every pregancy is different, so is the after. My first time around was nothing like this and I fed my son till he was 2 1/2 , this time I’m hoping to at least get to 6 months with stored breast milk bags in the freezer. This is just the newest journey, we will all get through this. I just hope some of my bumps in the road help make yours a little easier. 

Yall stay tuned bout to announce my next giveaway;) (it will be on YouTube, wink wink).



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End of summer haul

Hey everyone, 

hope your having a wonderful week! Summer is coming to an end, and school is beginning. This means all the end of summer sales are coming about, haha wish I could say I caught some, but nah I didn’t. That being said, I just wanted to share with you my newest additions from my end of summer haul!

So here it is: 

these first four are from Wet Seal. 

These are my first body suits , I was a bit unsure of them at first but now I’m lovin’ them. When I do actually wear jeans I prefer high waisted over low rise, simply because I don’t want to bend over to worry about my rear end hanging out.  Though it’s the same senerio as rompers when it comes to the bathroom.

  You can’t go wrong with some simple crop tops. In my opinion it’s more tasteful to show a little belly then boobies.

These next two where from Buckle.
 This one looks way better on, not to say it doesn’t look good off. I love the color and the deep lace up, definitely spices it up for those late night out on the town.(; But I wouldnt know what that’s like, seeing as how I’m a mother of two who dosent know what a baby sitter is either. I’m so excited that fall is just around the corner, I’m dying for the cooler weather to be here so I can wear some sweaters! Which brings me to this black one. Oh my goodness I have to thank my Buckle style consultant for this one! It is just dynamite! From the vocabulary of my Uncle Len! I never would have even seen it or probably picked it up if it wasn’t for Savanah! Thanks doll!

Last thing in my bags were a pair of high rise shorts from papaya. Ripes are in again, and so are the cutoffs. These in my opinion are one of the essinals! As of right now they are my only pair since none of my pre-pregnancy denium cut offs fit anymore. But hunny you only need one!

Now y’all stay tuned I’ll be filming a try on video of all these new items and how I accessorize them to fit my mom style. ✌🏼️💋

Till next time my friends..



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Potty trained

Hey friends! Happy Sunday! 

My little man is officially potty trained!! Hallelujah! That cause for a serious celebration. Let’s be real, that’s a huge mile stone accomplished! But I have an almost 3 month old so I’m not outta the woods quite just yet.

I wanted to wait a couple weeks just to make sure this was the real deal! It’s been just about a month without diapers and three weeks without pull-ups. Here’s the real kicker though,  we’ve had our new little big boy in undies all day long. The last two weeks have strictly undies day and night! Sure he has a small accident every now and then but he’s still new to the big boy game. And well, who’s to say that won’t happen anyway? I still hear about 7-8 year olds still wetting the bed; so the fact that he’s 2 and not wetting the bed is fantastic to me. 

You know, to be honest I didn’t think this would happen like this, this fast. I’ve been trying since he was about to turn 2 to potty train, but not been pushing too hard. He new when he needed to go, he was just to lazy to stop what he was doing to go. Not to mention, I was slacking on helping him out because I had no clue where to begin.

Let me tell you, not one of the “potty train your kid in a week” methods worked for us. All kids are different, so I assume it’s always gonna be guessing and checking for what ever works for your child. Here’s what worked for us. It was pretty simple. Let him run naked all day, and rewarded with one Hershey Hugs when he pees , 2 for poops and 3 for both. Being that he is two and he can count to ten, this he understood as well. Brantley  already pretty much had the idea from being in the bathroom all the times before that the toilet is where you do your business. The very first time he told me he had to poop with diapers on early on was a start so we celebrated and praised him and followed up with the candy. I do take full responsibility for the fact that I allowed him to be lazy with not wanting to go all the time, also just lack of knowledge on how to potty train and a boy at that.  That was completely my fault. It’s all water u see the bridge now though, now that he’s got it down.

Wish I had a fool proof guaranteed set of instructions for you to make your life a ton and a half easier but I don’t. All I gotta say is stay positive because if you get frustrated your child will too and it will spook them from training. You also need a reward and lots of praise. Don’t forget time and patience then you’ll be good as golden. 

Best of luck to all you parents of toddlers and babies. If you have any tips and tricks feel free to share. 
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Preggo life savers

To all you mommas or soon to be mommas,

So I’ve been meaning to do this post for awhile. This idea came to me when I was like 7 months pregnant, I’m just now getting to it. I could give you a excuse though I’m too lazy for that, but hey I’m doing it now. That’s what counts. 

Okay so let’s get to it, there were a few things that I accumulated while being pregnant that I would refer to as my ” Preggo Life Savers”. These PLS’s were all my favs and literally got me through the sleepless nights, battling the mood swings, itching, weight gain, either constantly eating to hanging your head over the toilet, and all the other unmentionables. Pregnancy is such a rollercoaster of emotions, haha literally. But it is such a miraculous beautiful thing to experience! So I hope this is helpful!

The preggo pillow

They only way I could sleep!

My “miracle” lotion

To help with the stretching and itching.

The belly band and hair elastic trick

As the belly grows you’ll have to use these if you want to continue wearing your jeans or shorts.

The fav drink

Ginger ale for nausea and water all the rest of the time (lots of it).

Anti nausea sweets

These help with the nausea.


Helps with the entire pregnancy, labor and postpartum.

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Random fact: you can not apply to be Miss Louisiana if your a mom or have or been married…
Hmm, I was not interested in it but for some reason it makes me feel a tab bit offended? ….

Does it really matter if your a mother or married or been married if your between the ages of requirements? I’m just not quiet understanding why it’s an issue.. Even if I was interested in doing a pageant because I have a legal partnership with a piece of jewelry on my finger or the fact that I have two kids (makes me really disqualified😂) already rejects me from an application. So I was blessed to skip by with little to no stretch marks, so I have a man that loves me by my side supporting me. How on earth is that a reason to disqualify someone. I thought the whole idea of a Pageant Was to find some incredible,smart, talented, inspiring woman? Is it not? Is it really just about how they look and the extracurricular activities they are involved with. Shouldn’t the fact that they have had more life experience with one of these issues qualify them more? I’m just saying there are plenty of mothers and wives that do all that and more and look just as good as all the girls and women who aren’t/haven’t been married or had children… 

Maybe I’m missing something but that’s so aggravatingly rude.

I’d love to hear some thoughts.


Salad despair

Hey, hello friends,

Hope everyone’s week is going good. Let’s talk food, not a normal topic for me… But I have to say today at Chickfila, was a huge let down. I love Chickfila. If you know me personally you know this. All I talk about is their Spicy Southwest chicken salad! This salad is a little piece of heaven in your mouth, if you haven’t ever tried it… Well I’m so sorry your missing out! I wasn’t even a salad person but after this one , goodness , my mouth is watering just talking about it. It’s seriously amazing, this is how amazing it is..ready? I CRAVE IT! Yes that’s right, CRAVE! With a capital ‘C’ like an addiction! Just like I crave water. Just go eat it and you’ll know what I mean. So they have like 3 different salads, and I hadn’t tried the other 2. I had been hearing the Cobb salad was just as good. I had been trying to try it for ehhh, I don’t know maybe the past month but just couldn’t bring myself to give up the Spicy Southwest…. Until today. Let me tell you, it was painful giving it up. But then, just then when I took the first bite of the Cobb… My spirits were immediately, IMMEDIATLEY crushed.

I was so let down, it came nowhere near what people had spoke about it… Funny to think I was crushed over a salad? But the sad truth was, yes I was. A terrible way to end my day. To think that Cobb even had the avacodo salad dressing that’s so delicious, and it still didn’t compare to the Spicy Southwest. That avacodo one is bomb too.. Just didn’t cut it for me though… 

Till next time, I give you my best💋