The failed 30 day challenge

Okay y’all I’m gonna be real. There were things I liked about the challenge and things I disliked. That being said, obviously I failed to finish not gonna lie, I’m not trying to give an excuse as to why I didn’t finish. Though yeah I had so distractions. But this doesn’t mean I’ve given up on having a clutter free clean house.

I was doing well till about day 8, was actually decluttering and cleaning up everyday. Then had family come into town for a week unexpectedly and it threw me off.. Cleaning up after a toddler plus extras kinda put me on hold. So by the time I could get back on normal I was so far behind I tried to double up on days and realized, some of the day’s did not pertain to me or didn’t have to do. Here’s a refresher of what the plan looked like.

Such as we don’t have a bunch of extra cleaning products that are not being used, or have a lot of cooking ware (if anything we need to get some more just haven’t yet), as far as makeup I threw out old stuff before I started the challenge, and I don’t really do a lot of skin care…etc.

 I thought they were good ideas but I figure a slow and steady pace seems to work, taking things one day at a time. I said I would show pictures, but I know for a fact you don’t want to see this toy war zone. We went and got a bunch of storage tote containers to help get better organized. My plan is they’ll help me better sort out what needs to be thrown out and donated. I guess I’ll tweak and make my own Declutter plan and let you know how it goes. šŸ™‚

I’ll keep you posted.


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