Secret to long hair

Hey ladies , 

I have another beauty secret I’d like to share! Have you noticed my hair went from long to REALLY long? Anyone heard of Halos? Well let me back up. Who does extensions? I discovered these neat extensions a while ago on Instagram, they were nothing like I had seen before. They had what looked like fishing lure string or somethings that was attached to the tracks. No clips! I was like WWWHHAAATTT?!? Well I looked into them further and found they where a little pricey, then forgot all about them. Till one day when my husband was getting his hair cut. Then my wandering eyes laid on a poster advertising extensions in the window, they weren’t just any old extensions… They were THE extensions! The ones I had seen on Instagram a long time ago!! I had to ask about them..Anyways I ended up trying them on and falling in love but leaving empty handed. I did some price checking and further research on them. I needed them and was going to say anything I could to justify why I needed them to my husband! Lol.

So long story short I ended up getting them !!

I love them!!😊😊 They also have a pretty good range of colors.

I believe mine was the 20/60 but I ended up toning them once to be lighter.These are way worth their money. It’s all remy human hair. Mine are the 24 inches I believe. Why go to Sally’s and drop $100 on just a little bit of human hair when you could spend a little more to get a lot more hair? You know how much of a pain it is to put them in and wear them all day? These are way thicker, quicker, and less damaging. They also stay put, and are unseen go check out my video. Hasta luego and sayonora to clips!! My new love for halos! 


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