Milani Mattes 

Hey Everyone!! 

A couple weeks ago I decided to try a drug store brand matte liquid lipstick that I constantly hear people raving about. It’s the new matte liquid lipstick from Milani. I keep seeing these all over the place on Pinterest,  Instagram, YouTube… Just everywhere! So I’m finally like ” okay, I gotta see what all the hype is about.” I figured I’d get only one to test out.

I have to say just from the tube I was impressed. Though it’s not all about the good looks, it’s the formula, feel and wear…

So while I was looking I saw that they also had a regular matte lipstick. Then thought I might as well try one of each. Matte’s are my absolute fav, can’t have too many! I finally decided you can’t go wrong with a bright red, so classic and beautiful (plus makes your teeth magically whiter)for the matte lipstick. And a beautiful dusty nudish pink for the liquid lipstick. I do have to say that not only was I impressed with the packaging (which I’m a sucker for) like I mentioned before, but with how they performed.

I’ll start with the dusty nudish pink called Precious. The first thing that I liked was the creamy like constancy. It wasn’t like the mattes that dry out your lips, its refreshingly hydrating. The second thing I liked was how long it lasted! I put it on in the morning and lasted pretty much all day with all the talking and eating. It’s safe to say it’s definitely kiss proof. I only had to touch up the corners once. The final thing I liked was the smell!! Oh my goodness it smells delicious!! You know the cookie candle smell, yeah smells like that!! Oh and also looks to be a dupe.😊

Now the bright classic red, called Kiss, performed well too, but not as well as the liquid in my opinion. It is the perfect red! It didn’t quiet last as long I had several applications throughout the day. I still very much like it!

I give both of them a 2 thumbs up and would recommend them. Both have a great range of colors , all super beautiful. Though there’s more options with the normal matte lipstick then the liquid , but that’s to be expected the liquid is still pretty new. I got mine from Walmart but I’ve heard they’re also in CVS. This also isn’t the first time I’ve used Milani products. I also really like their lip liners. And use the cream to powder fondations quiet regularly too. I’ll definitely be getting more than of the lipsticks!

Lined my lips with Rimmel Obsession in both pictures. 

Have you tried them out? Let me know your thoughts if you have!



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