I’m pretty sure every mom does it. There’s not a doubt in my mind. Whether their matching their kids, having their kids match, or maybe it’s a family match party they’re doing it. Why not though? It’s pretty stinking adorable! And now I’m finally jumping on board with matching the boys!! I’m not completely sure where the outfit came from, I’m thinking this was from my Dad (Thanks dad) for a baby shower gift, I can’t remember exactly who all got me what. Anyways the onesies were from Carter! I’ll just say, not usually what my southern country boys wear , this was more of a boutique style in my opinion. But..! Yes there’s a but. They were indeed, as I said before, pretty stinking adorable!

Here they are sporting this green jungle leafy print onsie, with a label on the side pocket saying Little Beach Bums.


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And if you were interested in my outfit here’s the Link to that post!




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