The failed 30 day challenge

Okay y’all I’m gonna be real. There were things I liked about the challenge and things I disliked. That being said, obviously I failed to finish not gonna lie, I’m not trying to give an excuse as to why I didn’t finish. Though yeah I had so distractions. But this doesn’t mean I’ve given up on having a clutter free clean house.

I was doing well till about day 8, was actually decluttering and cleaning up everyday. Then had family come into town for a week unexpectedly and it threw me off.. Cleaning up after a toddler plus extras kinda put me on hold. So by the time I could get back on normal I was so far behind I tried to double up on days and realized, some of the day’s did not pertain to me or didn’t have to do. Here’s a refresher of what the plan looked like.

Such as we don’t have a bunch of extra cleaning products that are not being used, or have a lot of cooking ware (if anything we need to get some more just haven’t yet), as far as makeup I threw out old stuff before I started the challenge, and I don’t really do a lot of skin care…etc.

 I thought they were good ideas but I figure a slow and steady pace seems to work, taking things one day at a time. I said I would show pictures, but I know for a fact you don’t want to see this toy war zone. We went and got a bunch of storage tote containers to help get better organized. My plan is they’ll help me better sort out what needs to be thrown out and donated. I guess I’ll tweak and make my own Declutter plan and let you know how it goes. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll keep you posted.


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Remember the Bear trio of shirts I did? 

Yeah these right here. Well I decided since I got such good feedback to do another and make it a giveaway! Though I wanted to have the set ready for ya but I really wanted to find a 3-6 month onsie or maybe a 9monthe but haven’t been able to find either the past two weeks. So that will be for a later day, stay tuned for the baby bear!

 Here is how it turned out…

And here is what it looks like on!!
 Intrested yet? Well you should be it free to you. Head to my Instagram , follow the three simple rules and submit your entry! Hurry this is a short giveaway!



Secret to long hair

Hey ladies , 

I have another beauty secret I’d like to share! Have you noticed my hair went from long to REALLY long? Anyone heard of Halos? Well let me back up. Who does extensions? I discovered these neat extensions a while ago on Instagram, they were nothing like I had seen before. They had what looked like fishing lure string or somethings that was attached to the tracks. No clips! I was like WWWHHAAATTT?!? Well I looked into them further and found they where a little pricey, then forgot all about them. Till one day when my husband was getting his hair cut. Then my wandering eyes laid on a poster advertising extensions in the window, they weren’t just any old extensions… They were THE extensions! The ones I had seen on Instagram a long time ago!! I had to ask about them..Anyways I ended up trying them on and falling in love but leaving empty handed. I did some price checking and further research on them. I needed them and was going to say anything I could to justify why I needed them to my husband! Lol.

So long story short I ended up getting them !!

I love them!!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š They also have a pretty good range of colors.

I believe mine was the 20/60 but I ended up toning them once to be lighter.These are way worth their money. It’s all remy human hair. Mine are the 24 inches I believe. Why go to Sally’s and drop $100 on just a little bit of human hair when you could spend a little more to get a lot more hair? You know how much of a pain it is to put them in and wear them all day? These are way thicker, quicker, and less damaging. They also stay put, and are unseen go check out my video. Hasta luego and sayonora to clips!! My new love for halos! 


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Milani Mattesย 

Hey Everyone!! 

A couple weeks ago I decided to try a drug store brand matte liquid lipstick that I constantly hear people raving about. It’s the new matte liquid lipstick from Milani. I keep seeing these all over the place on Pinterest,  Instagram, YouTube… Just everywhere! So I’m finally like ” okay, I gotta see what all the hype is about.” I figured I’d get only one to test out.

I have to say just from the tube I was impressed. Though it’s not all about the good looks, it’s the formula, feel and wear…

So while I was looking I saw that they also had a regular matte lipstick. Then thought I might as well try one of each. Matte’s are my absolute fav, can’t have too many! I finally decided you can’t go wrong with a bright red, so classic and beautiful (plus makes your teeth magically whiter)for the matte lipstick. And a beautiful dusty nudish pink for the liquid lipstick. I do have to say that not only was I impressed with the packaging (which I’m a sucker for) like I mentioned before, but with how they performed.

I’ll start with the dusty nudish pink called Precious. The first thing that I liked was the creamy like constancy. It wasn’t like the mattes that dry out your lips, its refreshingly hydrating. The second thing I liked was how long it lasted! I put it on in the morning and lasted pretty much all day with all the talking and eating. It’s safe to say it’s definitely kiss proof. I only had to touch up the corners once. The final thing I liked was the smell!! Oh my goodness it smells delicious!! You know the cookie candle smell, yeah smells like that!! Oh and also looks to be a dupe.๐Ÿ˜Š

Now the bright classic red, called Kiss, performed well too, but not as well as the liquid in my opinion. It is the perfect red! It didn’t quiet last as long I had several applications throughout the day. I still very much like it!

I give both of them a 2 thumbs up and would recommend them. Both have a great range of colors , all super beautiful. Though there’s more options with the normal matte lipstick then the liquid , but that’s to be expected the liquid is still pretty new. I got mine from Walmart but I’ve heard they’re also in CVS. This also isn’t the first time I’ve used Milani products. I also really like their lip liners. And use the cream to powder fondations quiet regularly too. I’ll definitely be getting more than of the lipsticks!

Lined my lips with Rimmel Obsession in both pictures. 

Have you tried them out? Let me know your thoughts if you have!



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I’m pretty sure every mom does it. There’s not a doubt in my mind. Whether their matching their kids, having their kids match, or maybe it’s a family match party they’re doing it. Why not though? It’s pretty stinking adorable! And now I’m finally jumping on board with matching the boys!! I’m not completely sure where the outfit came from, I’m thinking this was from my Dad (Thanks dad) for a baby shower gift, I can’t remember exactly who all got me what. Anyways the onesies were from Carter! I’ll just say, not usually what my southern country boys wear , this was more of a boutique style in my opinion. But..! Yes there’s a but. They were indeed, as I said before, pretty stinking adorable!

Here they are sporting this green jungle leafy print onsie, with a label on the side pocket saying Little Beach Bums.


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And if you were interested in my outfit here’s the Link to that post!



Academy ootd

Hey hey it’s hump day!

Haha but seriously today I wanted to share what I sported this HOT summer day. I’m such a sucker for neutral colors. I guess you could say their my favorite, or more like a comfort zone . Eh, either way their safe (yep, okay truth came out , definitely my comfort zone). 
I found the white cover up at Academy, along with the beach hat. Yes you read right , I said cover up, but just listen that’s where the nude tank dress came into play. And yes both of these where from Academy , if your anything like me and normally can’t find much in there, this may come as a shock to you. I’ll let you in on a little secret to, I get most of my hats here. 
And this outfit idea can be worn either way! Hope you guys have a wonderful evening!โค๏ธ

Just a little side note: 
I’m sorry but I don’t like to spend a lot of money on clothes that I’m just going to work out and sweat in, I’m not looking to be cute at the gym, I’m married now so I’m not looking to attract some meathead… But that’s why I can’t find anything in there.I just don’t want to spend more then $20 on pants or shorts or shirts to get nasty in.



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Body after baby … From my experienceย 

Let’s talk body after baby. Do or did you have tricks to try and get back into your clothes? Everyone has theirs secrets, well I have mine. Now from having two babies myself I feel like there are things that I liked, as well as things I disliked from the first time to the second. 

Haven’t had any yet? Well perfect your getting more of a head start then I had. Good for you for checking into this, it didn’t even cross my mind with the first one. Though there were lots of things that didn’t think of and lots of things I wasn’t told either. I highly recommend actually asking someone any of your questions you have to be better prepared, unlike myself. So I like to share a little tid bit of what really helped me out.

So let’s start with what I did the first time.

1. Took my prenatals during and after pregnancy.

Though this took me some time to find some that I was actually going to take , well remember to take and want to take. I went through several different brands. I took Spring Valley gummy (don’t judge me, I know you secretly take them too;) prenatals. Take what you want but I didn’t want multiple horse pills that had after tastes or tasted bitter chalky going down. I did continue taking prenatals after I delivered and while I was breastfeeding.

2.  Breastfeed 

This seemed to really be what helped me get back to normal after having baby #1. Not to mention the only thing I knew of at the time to help me get back on to normal.

3. Palmers coconut oil lotions 

While pregnant these became my bestfriends. I swear by these!! I was lotioning at least twice a day and went through three bottles! Make sure you don’t itch. I’m pretty sure this is what helped keep me away from stretch marks, though genetics have a big role to play as well, so I’m told.

4. Lots of water

While pregnant and after!

I really had no plan. The doctors mentioned that breast feeding would help, but I had already planned to breast feed for two simple reasons: Cheaper & Health reasons for baby. That’s it for the first time but here’s what I did for the second go around…

1. Prenatals 

Again. These are super important! Don’t skip out. 

On my fourth bottle, still taking these while breastfeeding.

2. I ate healthier

Notice I said Healthier and not full on healthy like on a plan or anything… Not to mention I was eating healthier while pregnant.

3. Water

Not only just drinking water but a lot more then usual. Also helps with your milk supply.

4. Gym time

While pregnant I worked out pretty faithfully till 32 weeks. I gave it up after that cause I was getting to big and miserable and found myself not just not wanting to from being tired but my belly was just getting in the way…

5. Lotion

Be lotioning at least twice a day, and as you get bigger I recommend not itching as well as carrying some lotion with you when you leave the house.

6. The Wrap***

I used just a fitness one but they do have postpartum ones. Just make sure it’s tight to help suck that extra belly that’s left back in. I put mine on right after I delivered and wore mine constantly, I’m still wearing it some a month after. I think now it’s just more or security reasons.

Left one month after delivering 1st baby, Right one month delivering 2nd baby
I really hope this was helpful for anythe expecting or new mommas. And if you’ve already been there done that, did you do any of these or do something else? I’d love to have some more feedback on what everyone else did or does. This is just what I did and you can take it or leave it , I just found the second go around help alittle more with the extras.let me know if you decided to try these!

Ps. Be looking for my preggo life savers posts, they should be around soon!! Have a wonderful day my lovelies๐Ÿ’‹



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