First two weeks with Baby Branton..

These past two weeks have flown by, but that doesn’t surprise me, I knew they would. We’re also adjusting to the new routines of the new baby and toddler life. Things around here have been so busy with family, a full house, and doctor appointments. We have also been trying to get rid of the jaundice by supplementing and plenty of window time, but also trying to keep my milk supply. If that was the worst part I’m truly thankful.

These two boys have been keeping on my toes here lately with all my motherly duties and responsibilities. It helps though our two year old really has been doing a great job helping out. Though it was especially hard when Brantley got sick, then myself right after, lucky my husband was around to come to our rescue. It literally has been one thing after another keeping us busy. But I’m finally getting the chance to relax and chill out; I’m enjoying every bit of it!

Sometimes you just need those quiet times at home where the toddler gets to be a toddler, no company, baby does what babys do, and sit back and enjoy just them. That’s exactly what I plan to do this week. And maybe some cleaning.😉 Just need time spent loving on my boys.



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