Tank dress

It’s summer lets be honest, we all want something cool,  cute, and comfortable. Especially if you live anywhere hot or hot and humid like I do, here in lousiana. Heres ones of my favorite go to outfits. You can’t go wrong with just the basic tank dress. I’m such a fan of the plain Jane basics, there’s just so many opinions of what you can do with them. I loved them while pregnant and still love them post partum. They literally look great however you decide to wear and style them. Here’s a few ways I wore mine!

These two are from Forever 21.

This one is from Charlotte Russe.
This one is from Forever 21.

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I’m Taking the 30 Day Challenge !!

Hey everyone Happy Monday!

I’m so excited to share with you that I’m going to be taking a 30 day Minimalist Decluttering Challenge! Have you ever been sick and tired of being sick and tired of having a messy, cluttered house? Gah, I feel like I get so overwhelmed and bummed out about it… It’s like a nasty cycle it get stuck in trying to clean up and declutter the house. I’ll get so pumped up and get through the first couple days but then get my hopes up with being overwhelmed and end up stopping. 

I happened to be on Pinterest looking at tips for cleaning, organizing, and decluttering the house when I came cross this one blog from awelderswife. I  started to think how this woman had a good idea and how it might work for me. This is what it looks like:

Erin has a description listed for each of these days,  if you’re interested in looking into taking the 30 day challenge. I will keep everyone updated on how this turns out for me with before, during, and after pictures in my next post! So excited I’m that much closer to having a decluttered house I’ll be posting also on my other social media outlets with the Erin’s hashtag , #30DMDC! 

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First two weeks with Baby Branton..

These past two weeks have flown by, but that doesn’t surprise me, I knew they would. We’re also adjusting to the new routines of the new baby and toddler life. Things around here have been so busy with family, a full house, and doctor appointments. We have also been trying to get rid of the jaundice by supplementing and plenty of window time, but also trying to keep my milk supply. If that was the worst part I’m truly thankful.

These two boys have been keeping on my toes here lately with all my motherly duties and responsibilities. It helps though our two year old really has been doing a great job helping out. Though it was especially hard when Brantley got sick, then myself right after, lucky my husband was around to come to our rescue. It literally has been one thing after another keeping us busy. But I’m finally getting the chance to relax and chill out; I’m enjoying every bit of it!

Sometimes you just need those quiet times at home where the toddler gets to be a toddler, no company, baby does what babys do, and sit back and enjoy just them. That’s exactly what I plan to do this week. And maybe some cleaning.😉 Just need time spent loving on my boys.


Memorial Birth Day

May 30th 2016. This day was not what I expected it to be. We had plans to take our boy to the beach to swim and play in the sand. It was going to be a family, fun, relaxing kinda day. Nope, everything change when I was awaken at 4 in the morning with pain.

It all happened so fast! Way faster then I expected and way sooner then expected. Branton decided to make his appearance. Long story short:

4:00 am :sharp pains 

5:50 am: arrive at hospital 

6:00 am : doc breaks my water

6:27 am : Branton Trevor was born

I didn’t have time to even let anyone know, I barely had time to make it to the hospital. By the time we made it there I was ready, we were already 10cm dilated. I can now say I’ve had a ALL NATURAL Birth, but I will tell you I was NOT ready for that. Though ready or not mentally, this baby was coming and nothing could stop him. 

I’m just super happy and blessed that everything went well. We both were healthy and made it through fast and easy (not as easy as you think). I just mean a smooth delivery.

My memorial day did not go as planned, it went way better because we added another member to our family. We just open the next chapter to out lives. Things are gonna change a little but we will settle in before long. Brantley is already such a good big brother helping out and he’s not even 3 yet! I’m soooooooooo lucky!! 😁Let me just show you how precious Branton is!!
Branton Trevor 

May 30th 2016

6lbs 9oz 18in

Born at 35 weeks 6 days







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