Mothers Day

Hello friends!

As everyone already knows yesterday was Mother’s Day. I was kind of curious to do a little bit of research since, I myself am a mother. Though there’s really not to much too it. Mother’s Day has been around since the 19th century. It was created by a woman named Anna Jarvis who heard her mothers prayer to have a day were mothers were appreciated. Basically when her mother died she pushed hard to create the holiday , it was ment to honor mothers in church were people would wear carnations. Red or pink for living moms and white for passed mothers. Once greeting cards got in on the action making Mothers Day cards she was enraged and tried to have the new holiday abolished. She spent the rest of her life fighting the holiday and never had any children of her own.

Mother’s Day celebrates motherhood and a time to appreciate mothers and mother figures. Any woman can have kids but it takes a strong, loving woman to be able to raise a child as I’m learning. It’s a full time job in itself, some days are good and some are bad but there are no breaks. Though it’s tough, being a mother is such a beautiful rewarding job too and it’s such a huge blessing to even get the title. I pray for all the women who have the nerve to have children and abandon them, not only are they messed up in the head, they are also missing out on the joys that are worth every second of being a ‘Mother’. 

All in all I hope everyone had a wonderful Morher’s Day with loved ones! Mine was extra special since it fell on my first wedding anniversary! My husband came home with a balloon and card and took us on a short trip to go ride the Polaris. Now that’s another story for another time😉. Always an adventure over here.

Until next time,




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