Sent blessings..

Happy Saturday everyone!

I was moved the other day and still been thinking a lot about it lately, figured I’d share. Isn’t it funny the timing of things. Somethings are perfect the way they play out, then other things that may go wrong but really are just in the works. Or how a third party may nothing about you or your situation, giving you positive praise of encouragement all of a sudden out of the blue.

So here’s basically what happened. Being 32 weeks pregnant and hormonal I’m extra sensitive , so when this lady came up to me with the simple words that came out of her mouth really cut deep at the moment. I had a somewhat deeper conversation with my husband a little earlier that day, and she just threw me right back to it. Speaking encouragement, by just letting me know I was gonna be okay. She hadn’t known what I was going through at that moment or anything I had said earlier , but right then it’s like I felt the comforting warmth in her words. I knew for a fact that was Gods doing, and couldn’t help but be swept up with relief, joy and be a little overwhelmed. 

I truely believe that God knows exactly what he is doing, when he puts certain people in your life at the right times. Those people are put there to pour life into you, to just give you encouragement and bless you when you really need it. Not knowing who those people are or when they’ll show up, God knows when you need them the most and sends them your way.



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