Floral Tunic

Hey Friends!

I thought I would share with you one of my new favorite outfits. It was perfect for a day out on the boardwalk in Shreveport , on a gorgeous spring day in May!

I have to say this floral tunic has got to be one of the most adorable ones I have ever laid eyes on! You can wear as a dress or long shirt with leggings or jeans, either way it’s still super adorable. Another plus to this specific tunic is it can be worn during pergnancy or after. It’s super lightweight, breathable fabric is made of cotton and polyester. 

So wether or not your having brunch or just out and about during the day it’s perfect. As you can see for yourself how stunning it was on. Hope your Sunday was as lovely as mine, stay well!

You can find yours at If The Crown Fits Boutique. 

Outfit details:

Hat: Jessica Simpson

Dress: If The Crown Fits

Cardigan: Forever21

Shoes: Rue21

Watch: Michael Kors

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     –   Bkelly8801💋


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