Forever scarred because of bad Photographers?

  Hey friends!

This has been on my mind a lot lately with considering a new photographer for my maternity pictures. Especially since I want these to be perfect, and I’m SUPER PICKY! I’ve always been the DIY type of person, the one who doesn’t like to ask for any help. With anything! Like let me do my thing, but sometimes you can’t do it all…and the first time getting an actual ‘photographer’ was for my wedding. Sounds like a huge shock huh?! Haha no.

It’s a huge deal! And let me let you in on a little secret, please learn from my mistake!!! For all you out there who may be engaged or just for in the future. Listen very carefully! DO NOT GO FOR THE BEST DEAL! If they are a good price, BEWARE! I don’t care if they good shots in their portfolio. That doesn’t mean they are going to take as much pride in their work for what ever the event in your life that is so important to you. 

The first gut feeling you get that’s bad, go with it! Two months before my wedding my photographer got real shady. Wouldn’t answer either phones or email or text or instant messanger. First red flag! When I finally got ahold of her, she had a family emergency. Second red flag! She lost her mojo, her passion, everything. I get it was hard times, but even in my contract (that she couldn’t ever even seem to get to me) was stated that for any reason could not take me she should get another photographer. With her situation, she failed to honor just that, mentality she was not really there you could say. For that I don’t have any beautiful , high def quality pictures. 

Nothing, not good pictures of the bridesmaids and myself or my family. None of why she got to me Would I ever hang up, not to mention the shots I specially asked for never got(I did have to bug her about some of them and they were terrible angles, plus never got the release to them). She gave me the raw unedited pictures 2 months later. Anyways let me get off that rant, just brings back anger, regret, and makes me upset. 

My point is really do your research, even though I looked for a good month for a photographer, I went with the best deal I could find. That was probably the worst thing I could have done. But you live and you learn right?! Sometimes you have to learn the hard way. But still brings me to … Will I forever be scarred from this photographer? Yes, unfortunately I think so. This is still fresh hurt, even after a year, and not to mention that was my WEDDING the one day you want perfect! I can’t get any of that back..

Anyone have and tips or advice to finding a good photographer let me know! I’d love to know how you choose your photographer!


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