DIY: Twine ball

Hey Friends, 

            Here’s another simple, fast DIY to try. I’m sure you have seen these before and I know other people use other supplies such as fabric stiffener, Modge Podge, or whatever. This is just how I did mine and they seem to be pretty sturdy.

So here’s what you need:

  • Twine
  • Glue ( I used Elmers , multi purpose)
  • Balloons


  1.    Blow up your balloon(s)
  2.    Twine balloon(s)
  3.    Glue all over real heavy, I did a couple coats.
  4.     Wait till it’s completely dry 
  5.     Pop and pull out balloon
  6.     Remove excuses glue spots on twine balls

    Your finished!!
Here’s  what the finished product looks like.








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