30 weeks update

I’m 30 weeks down , 10 more to go! Whoo! We now have the baby shower and first two trimesters out of the way. I’ve done the much dreaded glucose test and registered at my hospital of choice today!!Now I need to really get on the ball to figure out what all I need to get before baby Brinson gets here. I also need to do maternity pictures and pack my hospital bag.

 How I’m feeling? Well alittle uncomfortable and round, I may be starting to waddle some. I honestly am not doing much sleeping and making regular trips to the bathroom. But other then all that GREAT!

 Do I have any cravings? Some, I seem to have a sweet tooth for cake and chocolate with orange juice! Let me tell you don’t knock out the chocolate and OJ till you try it, seriously good! Though I feel as if my body is starting to really crave more fruits and healthy foods too. I find myself wanting more water along with fruits.

Movements? YAASSS!! I’m talking like all day and all night hard kick where I can’t sleep!i thought my first one was active, oh boy was I wrong. This one I’m not worried about him not moving but if there is too much movement?!


     –  Bkelly8801



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