Stay at home pregnant momma to a toddler thoughts..

I’m just gonna come out and say it. It’s not easy, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. There is no way to sugar coat it or even fully explain it to a woman who hasn’t yet experienced it for herself, with her own child. I love every second of the tantrums, the melt downs, the attitude. In that moment yes it’s difficult the as his world is ending. I love the after math though, after the storm has passed.

Once he calms down and all of a sudden turns into the sweet, caring , helpful boy that gets over looked. It’s like he knows he acted a fool and wants nothing more then the love and security that can provided in a big bear hug snuggle.

I completely understand why it all happens, the frustration he feels from the lack of his communication/language skills. Come on he’s only two, I can’t just get too mad at him… He hasn’t been on this earth long , still so much learning and growing to do.

I’m learning that being a parent has some of the most rewarding moments! I know I’m still new the the life of parenthood but it’s is beautiful at every stage. Still trying to imagine what two kids will be like… Haha but it’ll  be here before I know it! 






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