Don’t Blinque without a wink

For all the girls who enjoy lashes this one is for you. So a couple months I discovered this lash company called Blinque Eyelashes. Now I’m a little obsessed!  

This is only just a little bit of my stash. These are just some of my ‘go-to’ / ‘everyday’ favs.

These lashes come in a very wide variety of styles. They are so light weight and have great flexibility. I wear these quite a bit, they add just the right amount of length and volume . I say quite a bit because I don’t wear lashes everyday but around 3-5 times a week.

To be honest I actually like them more then my House of lashes, lashes. Now My favorite the wispy ones (#wsp) but that’s with any brand I go with , they just got with everything. I really don’t ever see that changing .

  I highly recommend trying these lashes out! Very affordable and really good quality to be a drug store lash. In store price was $2.99 but when I looked at their website they started at $3.99 I believe. Blinque Eyelashes

I have more pictures listed on my makeup Instagram if you would like to check them out @dolled_up_diamond

But here’s a few for now😘




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