Hi My Name Is : Brittany

Ever get all pumped up about doing or starting something new? Like deciding to blog?! I’m not going to lie, this is my first ever blog! How exciting is that? Newb blogger here!! So starting off with that, Hi my name is Brittany!

Now that I have introduced myself, let me tell you a bit about me. I grew up in the suburbs , but have always been back and forth to small towns. Though when I graduated from high school I really started to discover the “country life”, and let me tell you I fell completely in love! In more ways then just one so I stayed, settled and have started my family here!

The boyfriend and I found a cozy little duplex , we got a dog and then a year later was surprisingly blessed with a little boy who now is two. We didn’t want to rush into marriage though we knew from the get go it was in the future. Alittle over a year after the baby we decided to tie the knot. Six months later found out we would soon be welcoming another baby to the family!

So here we are I’m a part-time makeup artist /full time momma , who is currently 28 weeks pregnant! I am a super crafty Diy kinda girl , have a passion for makeup along with all things beauty, and love connecting/ networking on social media!

Thats just a little bit about me, I really hope to bring something to the table with blogging! Which I will be more of a beauty / lifestyle blogger. Can’t wait to see where this new path I’m taking will take me on this journey through life! Feel free to keep up with me! Don’t be shy either y’all! I love interaction!

Follow me on Instagram and snapchat @bkelly8801! ✌🏼️☺️

XOXO Brittany


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